These 21 Dads Definitely Didn’t Want the Damn Pet in Their Lives

@yagirlyarelli via Twitter and pinche_whey via Reddit

  1. This Kitty Hater

    No matter how much I begged, my Dad never let me have a pet when I was younger. This is him dragging my cat in a box (which he named the “Kitty Express”) while making train noises, and laughing like a child. from r/dadswhodidnotwantpets

  2. This Dude Who HATES Cats

    “We can’t keep it.” -my dad 10 months ago from r/cats

  3. This Lad Who Despises Dogs

    “That Brown Dog” became “Brown Dog” became “Mr. Brown” became “Doc Brown wants to stay with me when you move out.” Doc Brown did move out with us, this is their first reunion after about 6 months. from r/dadswhodidnotwantpets

  4. This Dad Who Can’t Stand Animals

    Dad – “I dont want a dog!” Also Dad – “Gaston need is own bed and night table” from r/dadswhodidnotwantpets

  5. This One Who Abhors Pets

    He never wanted a dog. Four days after they met, she helped him to recover from a stroke from r/dadswhodidnotwantpets

  6. This Person Who’d Never Dream of Loving a Pet

    Dad: “No animal allowed in this house!”. Also dad: …. from r/aww

  7. This Father Who Loathes This Pup

    “He’s only going to be in the way, I’ll step on him” from r/dadswhodidnotwantpets

  8. This Pop Who Has Extreme Hatred for Pets

    Caught him hugging the giant dog he didn’t want, he was also singing the dog his own personal song. from r/dadswhodidnotwantpets

  9. This Man Who Can’t Stand Furry Friends

    Dad went from “You’re taking him with you when you leave.” to “Are you really gonna take him with you??” from r/dadswhodidnotwantpets

  10. This Dad Who Detests this Dude

    My grumpy dad when he holds up the cat so she can look out the window from r/dadswhodidnotwantpets

  11. This Guy Who Wants to Get Rid of His Pet so Badly

    I wasn’t keen on getting cats ( I can’t even pet them), I now watch videos for cats with Luna at least once a day. from r/dadswhodidnotwantpets

  12. This Guy Who Thought Pets Were an Abomination

    My father, who used to hate cats, and Linus, my cat from r/cats

  13. This Man Who Hates This Pet’s Guts

    My dad: CAN WE RETURN IT??? IF WE KEEP IT, IT CAN’T GO ON THE FURNITURE AND I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. My dad, out loud, mere days later: “Let’s move this pillow to give you more room. Are you comfy? Do you want some pets? Let’s read together.” from r/dadswhodidnotwantpets

  14. This Father Who is Repulsed By Animals

    It took 3 years to convince him since “he’s more of a cat person.” He finally agreed as long as the pup wasn’t allowed on the bed or furniture. This is now what I wake up to every morning. from r/dadswhodidnotwantpets

  15. This Guy Who Just Can’t Stand This Kitty

    If your dad didn’t say “we are not keeping the cat” and then bond with her and love her the most is he even your dad?? 🥺🥰 from r/dadswhodidnotwantpets

  16. This Dad Who Obviously Hates His Cat

    My Dad (79) went from “I don’t want that dang cat” to carrying her to “her room” for bed each night. from r/aww

  17. This Guy Who Never Wanted This Dog in the First Place

    He’s never been a dog person. Ever. And now my dad takes Yuki sailing and talks to her wherever they go. “Shall we garden today? Ooh let’s dig a hole. Where shall we dig it? Over there! That’s good digging. Would you like a carrot? Some water? Shall we get the paper and do the crossword?” from r/aww

  18. This Dad’s Whose Hate is so Obvious

    He was a firm opponent of the hairless cat but skin to skin is the best way to connect. from r/dadswhodidnotwantpets

  19. This Dad With Zero Feelings Whatsoever

  20. This Pop Who Wants Out SO Badly, Can’t You Tell?

  21. This Dad Who Definitely Doesn’t Think of His Pet as His Child

    Hubs was never a cat person. Now he tells me how they individually like to be pet, and they all behave and don’t fight when sitting by daddy. I don’t know who trained who. from r/dadswhodidnotwantpets

Have you ever brought a pet home and Dad had to be the bad guy and tell you “absolutely not?” Dads are generally quick to say “no” to a new living, breathing creature in the house—but then they end up never letting them go.

Don’t believe us? Take it from these 21 dads who most DEFINITELY did not want the damn pet in their lives—but then couldn’t help but fall in love with them.


How cute are these dads and their pets that they most certainly didn’t want in the first place?