Beloved TV Series ‘The Wonder Years’ Is Being Rebooted By ABC With a Black Family at the Forefront

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Many people look back at their teenage years with a sense of longing and nostalgia. It’s a time when we’re still at home with our parents, brothers and sisters, but it’s also a time of growing independence and figuring out who we are and what we want out of life. 

One show that did a great job of capturing the essence of this time in life is The Wonder Years. The TV series starred Kevin Arnold (played by Fred Savage) as a middle-class teen growing up in the 1960s and early 1970s. It aired on the small screen starting in 1988 and ran for six seasons.

Savage has been asked probably way too many times if he would ever consider doing a reboot of The Wonder Years. His answer has always been the same: no. In fact, last year, Vanity Fair asked Savage if he’s “tired of people pitching you the idea of a Wonder Years reunion set in the 90s.” He answered honestly.

“No, I’ll never get tired of that…But my answer will remain the same—so I won’t get tired of people asking if everyone else doesn’t get tired of me saying, ‘No, it’s not going to happen.’…The Wonder Years, it’s not just the name of the show—it’s a time in your life, a very special, finite time in your life. And the way the show was written, it’s about looking back with some longing. I think we all look back at that time in our lives and long for it and idealize it. One of the reasons it takes on this kind of mythic, almost haunting quality in our lives is because it’s something you can’t go back to and can’t revisit. It only exists in our memories, in our shared experiences with people who went through it with us. That’s really what the show was all about. And I think that the idea of revisiting the show mirrors that. And I like that.”

Ironically, Savage is now involved in a remake of The Wonder Years, but it is not with the original cast and it is not set in the 90s. It is set in the same time period as the original show, and this time it is about a middle-class Black family living in Montgomery, Alabama.

Officially, the show is described as follows: “How a black middle-class family in Montgomery, Alabama in the turbulent late 1960’s, the same era as the original series, made sure it was The Wonder Years for them too.”

Are you going to watch the reboot of The Wonder Years?