‘The View’ Co-Hosts Were Removed from Show After Testing Positive for COVID-19 Live On the Air

The View

You never know what to expect with live TV, and today was quite unusual on talk show “The View.” The show had just returned from a commercial break when Joy Behar seemed to be a little bit confused about what was going on. She thought she was going to be introducing Vice President Kamala Harris for her first in-person interview on the show, but she could tell that something was up.

Behar was sitting next to co-host Sara Haines, and co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Anna Navarro were sitting on the other side of the desk. Someone off-camera told Hostin and Navarro that they needed to leave the stage. This person did not explain why, but the two co-hosts left right away anyway.

Behar asked if she should go ahead and introduce the Vice President. At first she was told “yes,” but then the answer was quickly changed to “no.” Instead, she was told to go to a commercial break.

After the break, Behar explained that Hostin and Navarro had both tested positive for Covid-19. They were both fully vaccinated, according to Behar, so they would recover and be okay. She didn’t seem too concerned about their health and wrote it off as a breakthrough case.

Behar still didn’t introduce the Vice President. Instead, she and Haines, the two remaining hosts, fielded questions from the audience.

Harris never did come on stage for an in-person interview. Instead, Behar and Haines interviewed her remotely. She had been set up for a remote interview in another room of the studio. Behar told the Vice President, “We did everything we could to make sure you were safe because we value you so much.”

Watch the video below for more about this breaking news.

In the brief 10 minute interview with Harris, Behar, Haines and Harris discussed abortion, Afghanistan, border patrol and the pandemic. The Vice President has been invited back to the show for an in-person interview at a later date.

Does it surprise you that two co-hosts both tested positive for Covid even though they were vaccinated?