People Are Having a Really Hard Time Agreeing on the Two Colors in This Shoe

Do you remember “the dress”? You know the one. The one that was passed around the internet and nobody could agree what color it actually was.

You had many, many people who were convinced that the dress was blue and black. Yet, there were many, many other people who were convinced that the dress was white and gold. These colors aren’t even similar to each other. These people, people like you and me, were not color blind and did not have any vision problem that prevented them from seeing color.

Yet, both sides thought the other side was crazy and lying or something. It all seemed a little bizarre. We hoped we would never see anything like it again.

The illusion is back, but this time it’s a shoe. Some people swear that the shoe is grey and green. Other people see pink and white. What do you see?

How can it be possible that best friends, co-workers and family members can see things so differently?

First of all, remember that it’s an illusion, and try not to get too frustrated by it all.

Secondly, it has to do with the way different people see things. According to Ron Chrisley, director of the Centre for Research in Cognitive Science at the University of Sussex, “Which color we see isn’t just a matter of the light coming into eyes, it’s the inferences that caused that input. We use the context to inform our color experiences.”

Apparently, when our brain doesn’t know for sure what color something is, it uses context to fill in the gaps and tell us what colors we see. People who assumed the dress was in a shadow saw it as white and gold. In case you don’t already know, the dress really is blue and black (yet, I still see it as white and gold).

Back to the shoe. Supposedly, people who are primarily left brained will see grey and green, but people who are primarily right brained will see white and pink. The shoes are really white and pink. I 100% see grey and teal. My eyes are liars, and this is so frustrating.

Wait. This just in. I’ve been looking at this shoe for so long, and they literally just changed colors. It’s now pink and white. I can’t even see the teal and grey anymore. This is so crazy.

What colors do you see when you look at the shoe? Does it surprise you to learn how much context and the way our brains interpret the context makes such a big difference when it comes to what colors we see?