This Clever Trick Will Get You The Perfect Cat Eye Look!

There is no eye shadow look more on trend right now than the cat eye. While the cat eye looks great and can be worn for day or night, depending on how you wear it (the versatility of the cat eye is that you can make it as subtle or outrageous as you’d like) it is not an easy look to accomplish. If you want to get a perfect, sultry cat eye, watch the video tutorial below and learn step-by-step how to master the look.

Step 1: Prime your eye with some eyelid primer. Elf has a good, cheap primer that will prep your lids for the liner. Use a brush to blend the primer in.

Step 2: Put on your desired shades of eye shadow.

Step 3: Select brown or black (or whatever color you’d like) eye shadow and a thin, angled brush for your cat eye.

Step 4: Take a piece of paper or cardboard and hold it up to the corner of your eye to create a sort of stencil for the cat eye. Put it at the angle you desire.

Step 5: Move your brush in strokes to create your cat eye. Line your under eye, if you’d like.

Once you’ve mastered your cat eye, go out and flaunt your amazing new look! Do you have makeup tips? Tricks to accomplish the perfect cat eye? Share them in the comments section below.