13 People Reveal the Most Unpopular Opinions They’re Itching to Get Off Their Chests

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There are many things in our society that most people seem to accept as fact when in reality, these “facts” are really opinions. They may be very, very popular and well-accepted opinions, but they are still opinions.

People who don’t agree with the popular opinion know that if they share their unpopular opinion, they might surprise their friends or even start an argument. Reddit provided a safe place for these people to open up and reveal what they really think.

Reddit user Hoogstens asked, “Reddit, what are some of your unpopular opinions?” Reddit users were happy to finally have a safe place to share their unpopular opinions, and in some cases, explain why they have these opinions.

Scroll down to find out what they shared. You might agree with some of their unpopular opinions, or you might be surprised that these Reddit users consider their opinions “unpopular.” As several Reddit users pointed out, sometimes what’s considered an unpopular opinion depends on where you live.

  1. This Is Kind of a Scary Opinion

    One Reddit user wrote:

    Most people are, at heart, stupid, selfish, and irrational creatures who are just one charismatic leader away from fascism. We love to believe that the Nazis were ‘inhuman abberations’, but there are hundreds of people in every city in the world who, if given absolute power, would systematically persecute and abuse whole swathes of the population in a similar way.

  2. Children

    A-punk shared:

    Kids are not as amazing as people make them out to be.

  3. Geek Culture

    Another Reddit user added:

    Geek culture is one of the shallowest ever.

  4. Patriotism

    kasdaye shared:

    Patriotism is stupid and dangerous.

  5. Parents

    Another unpopular opinion from a Reddit user:

    Popping out a baby does not make you the Keeper of Infinite Wisdom.Some people should not be allowed to pass genetic material on…such as people who have 10 children on welfare.

  6. Democracy

    jmhawk wrote:

    The uninformed, uneducated, ignorant masses should not have an equal vote. Basically democracy isn’t the best form of government.

  7. Video Games

    Another Reddit user wrote:

    Video games are worse than drugs when it comes to distracting and demotivating people from doing something with their life.

  8. The Military

    jgoodstein answered:

    People in the US military signed up for what they are doing. They weren’t forced (The ones that are this does not apply). They are not heroes, its their job. I’m tired of all the honoring our troops BS. I am glad they signed up for it so that I never had to, but come on these guys walk around like I have to thank every single one ever. And if something bad ever happens to one of them we should all be outraged. Guess what, life sucks and bad crap happens to us civilians too. To top it off we don’t get free passes to Disney, discounts, free meals, etc for doing our jobs. If your in the military.. quit your bitching you signed up you knew the possible outcomes, so don’t come crying to me about your shitty job or life.. YOU KNEW!!!

  9. Stereotypes

    FLYBOY611 answered:

    Stereotypes exist for a reason.That one gets me in trouble with my family.

  10. French Fries

    Baeocystin shared:

    I prefer mayonnaise on my french fries over than ketchup. I always get a WTF look from the people I’m eating with when I do so.Their loss. It’s awesome.

  11. Families

    piney explained:

    I think it makes sense for a married couple with kids to have a ‘breadwinner’ and a ‘homemaker’ and, although I don’t think the roles should be dictated by sex.

  12. Equality

    davy_crockett answered:

    Not everyone is born equal. There are variations among people’s brains, and thus variations in ability.

  13. Charity

    linkery wrote:

    I firmly believe that the reason anyone does anything is to gain something themselves. there are no heroic actions or selflessness. Charity? Buy your conscience clean Very few people has agreed with me so far…