17 People Share the Exact Moment When They Knew They Were Getting Old

AndrewLozovyi via Deposit Photos

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they just feel, well, plain old old. This is typically a memorable moment when you just think there’s no denying it anymore—you’re freaking old.

A recent Reddit thread asked the world what that exact moment was when they realized they were getting old—and the answers will make you giggle.

  1. Visiting an Old Club You Used to Frequent

    “Went back to my university town for a wedding. Group of friends went to the club we all used to go, left in shock 5min later because everyone there looked about 12 years old. Ended up going to the ‘oldies pub’ instead.”

  2. You Forget How Old You Actually Are

    “I had a dream the other day about being in high school again, then I woke up and realized I was 28. Then it dawned on me that I’m actually 38…”

  3. Fretting Over a Lost Bowl

    “My wife and I went to a party, we brought guacamole. We left the party and forgot the bowl. My wife and I talked the next two days about how we need the bowl back and when we finally coordinated with the other couple and got our bowl back we were extremely happy.”

  4. You Feel Achy Doing ANYTHING

    “When everything started hurting all the time. Get up from sitting down, back pain. Getting up in the morning, full body pain.”

  5. You Converse About Fiber

    “My wife and I had a 20-minute long discussion about fiber. That was it. We were officially old right then.”

  6. Bins Are Exciting. Like REALLY Exciting

    “When I got excited about buying a new bin. Bought it, looked at it for days thinking how nice it is.”

  7. You Just Want Socks as Gifts

    “One year I didn’t get any socks for Christmas and was disappointed.”

  8. No One Knows Your Favorite Actors

    “When you bring up events, actors, music or shows that everyone knows about, and discover that no one knows what you are taking about.”

  9. You’re Now Mr. or Mrs. To Youngins

    “Teenagers have started to call me “Mr.”, and not ironically.”

  10. You Realize How Old Your Favorite Cartoon is

    “When I watched new Simpsons for the first time in years, and could hear the age in their voices. I felt like shaking my fist at a cloud.”

  11. Babies Are No Longer Accidents

    “When I realized it’s acceptable to say ‘congratulations’ instead of ‘oh sh*t’ when a friend of mine gets pregnant.”

  12. You Have No Idea What Slang Words Mean These Days

    “Someone asked me for sauce the other day and I had to urban dictionary.”

  13. The Songs You Grew Up on Are Now Oldies

    “Anytime I hear a song I grew up with played on a oldies or classic station.”

  14. You Can No Longer Skip Steps

    “I tried to skip steps on the stairs. Brain was totally unaware legs couldn’t do it. Ate sh*t.”

  15. You Find Yourself Reading Reviews for Household Staples

    “Reading reviews on Amazon for light bulbs.”

  16. You’re Concerned Abut Other People’s Sunscreen Habits

    “I was driving and saw a very attractive younger guy running shirtless on the sidewalk. My immediate thought was ‘OMG dude! I hope you wore enough sunscreen today!’”

  17. You Realize You Were Born Before the Internet

    “When I started a sentence with ‘Well, before the Internet, we used to…’”

Tell us: What’s your “old” moment?