The Longest Full Moon Of the Year Will Occur This Weekend

alexkalina via Deposit Photos

Almost every night, our children look at the night sky trying to find the moon. Usually the moon is pretty easy to find, but sometimes due to clouds or other weather conditions, the moon is harder to see.

In the winter, since it gets dark so early, we’re able to spot the moon in the night sky even before we’ve eaten dinner. When we drive or walk around the neighborhood looking at holiday lights and decorations, we’re also sure to spot the moon.

Whether or not you usually look for the moon in the night sky, you probably notice it sometimes without even trying. The moon is especially visible during a full moon. During this time, the moon sometimes even appears to be bigger and brighter than usual.

The next full moon is actually going to be the longest full moon of 2021. If you look at the calendar, the moon will technically be a full moon on Saturday December 18, 2021, but this particular full moon will actually stay full for multiple days. This full moon, which is known as the Cold Moon, will be visible from Friday December 17, 2021, through the morning hours on Monday December 20, 2021. According to NASA, that makes this weekend a “Full Moon Weekend.” If you would like to make sure you see the full moon this weekend, look at the night sky around 11:36PM EST on Saturday night.

Right after Full Moon Weekend, it will be time for the winter solstice. This year, the winter solstice occurs in Tuesday December 21, 2021. That means it will officially be winter; although, depending on where you live, you’d probably argue that it has felt like winter for quite awhile this year already.

Since Tuesday is the winter solstice, that also means that Tuesday is the day of the year with the fewest hours of daylight. There will only be approximately 9.5 hours between sunrise and sunset that day.

Are you going to look for the full moon this weekend?