The Latest Sad Al Roker News

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In November 2022, TODAY Show weatherman Al Roker was absent from the show for an extended period of time. The missing weatherman worried fans, but in the end, he was okay and made it back to the show in early January. It turns out that he was in the hospital dealing with blood clots and had to have multiple surgeries.

Roker has been back on air for several months now, but it looks like he may be taking another extended leave of absence in the near future; although, this one will be planned.

In a new post on Instagram, Roker posted a picture of his daily step count. His goal is 10,000 steps a day, but in this snap, he surpassed that goal by more than 3,000 steps. The picture isn’t what alludes to the fact that Roker will be taking time off work. It’s the caption.

In the caption, Roker referred to his “bum knee” and mentioned that he will be having knee replacement surgery “in late April.” He wrote, “Yesterday was the #bestdayyet when it comes to my steps on this #bumknee before my #kneereplacementsurgery in late April.”

This surgery will most likely keep Roker away from his day job for awhile, but it has yet to be disclosed how long he is expected to be away from TODAY while he has surgery and recovers.


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In the comments of Roker’s post, his wife, Deborah Roberts, wrote, “Take it slow sweetie!”

Several followers agreed with Roberts. One wrote, “Yes; take it slow and steady (you’ll be stronger than ever!)”

Other fans applauded Roker for walking so many steps on a “bum knee.” One comment reads, “As someone who has had the same knee replaced ‘twice’ by the age of 56, I know what a feat that is to accomplish that many steps, Mr. Roker. Congratulations and keep up that amazing work!”

Another comment reads, “Excellent!!! Very motivating.”

How long do you think Roker will be away from TODAY due to his upcoming surgery? Does it inspire you to know that Roker was able to walk so many steps ahead of his knee replacement surgery?