The Latest ‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host is Being Called an “Overnight Sensation”

If you’ve been watching the popular game show “Jeopardy,” you know that it is currently undergoing a major change. Since long-time host Alex Trebek lost his battle with the cancer in 2020, the show’s producers had to figure out how to find a suitable replacement.

Instead of replacing Trebek right away, the producers chose to audition several hosts by having them guest host the show. The first guest host was Greatest of All Time winning contestant Ken Jennings. This contestant turned host impressed many fans who thought he was a perfect replacement, but other viewers shared old tweets that made him look less than perfect.

Jennings has ended his stint as guest host, and it’s time for somebody else to step in. While Jennings hinted at who some future guest hosts would be, nobody expected one of the show’s producers to step in as guest host.

Mike Richards is the executive producer of “Jeopardy,” and he had no intention of hosting the show. However, due to a COVID outbreak, the show was left without a host, and someone had to do the job.

Not only did Richards do a great job as host, but he is now being called an “overnight sensation.” Watch the video below to hear what Richards thinks about being called an “overnight sensation” and if he would be interested in replacing Trebek as the host of “Jeopardy.”

Even though it sounds like Richards isn’t interested in hosting “Jeopardy” right now, we aren’t so quick to rule him out. He does have a background that would make him a suitable host. After graduating from college, Richards started his entertainment career as a stand-up comedian. Then he moved on to hosting shows and movies including “High School Reunion,” “Beauty and the Geek,” “Dailies,” “The Pyramid” and “Divided.”

Did you watch Mike Richards host “Jeopardy”? Do you think he was a good host? Who do you think will be the next guest host?