13 People Share the Dumbest Tattoos They’ve Gotten That They Now Regret

wakaflockafloccar, xxoshorty via TikTok

Deciding to get a tattoo is a big deal. It’s really important to choose a design that you’re not going to regret later in life. Some people get tattoos thinking that they’ll never ever regret that decision, but it doesn’t always take very long for them to change their minds.

While there are lot of great tattoo options out there, multiple people have shared the tattoos they got that weren’t such a good idea. They didn’t realize it at the time, but now, they realize that getting these particular tattoos was a really dumb idea.

Sharing regrets over dumb tattoos has become a trend on TikTok, and while there are many dumb tattoos, these 13 are our favorites.

  1. She Got This Tattoo March 4, 2020

    She had no idea the meaning of her tattoo would change overnight.

  2. It Was Free

    She warns us not to ever get a free tattoo.

  3. Dr. Phil

    She says it’s her “favorite.”

  4. Not an Art Fan

    It might be dumb but she doesn’t regret it.

  5. The Bee’s Knees

    She doesn’t exactly regret these tattoos. She thinks they’re funny.

  6. Instant Mustache

    This is kind of a clever one.

  7. Bees?

    The “S” is even backwards.

  8. Her Ex’s Initials

    That had to be a painful place to get a tattoo.

  9. Where’s Waldo?

    He has so many tattoos that you actually do kind of have to search for him.

  10. Sportsdirect.com

    He should be paid for that kind of advertisement.

  11. A “Female Dolphin”

    It’s kind of like the opposite of a mermaid.

  12. “Run, Forrest, Run”

    Thankfully, you can get tattoos removed.

  13. Bob Ross

    It’s a happy little tattoo.