People Are Arguing About the Best Way to Take Your Coffee

Humans of Tumblr via Facebook

Not everyone drinks coffee. There are some people who prefer tea, soda or plain ol’ water, but for those of us who drink coffee every single day, we usually have a certain way that we like it prepared.

Cream or milk and some sort of sweetener are typical coffee additions as are certain flavors like vanilla, mocha or hazelnut. While some people prefer their coffee strong and black, other people need their coffee to be doctored quite a bit before taking that first sip.

On social media, people are sharing their very strong opinions about the correct way to drink coffee. It all started with a post that shows 7 glass jars filled with coffee. The one of the far left is black. The one of the far right looks like a glass of milk. The ones in the middle are somewhere in between.

While one person feels that “anything past 4 is a crime,” other people openly admit to drinking their coffee at a 5.

One comment reads, “Hazelnut with a splash of coffee so yeah 4 maybe 5.”

Another person wrote, “I like 5-7 if I’m having a bad depression day and need the sweetness to give me a reason to live, any time else 1-3.”

We can relate to not drinking coffee the exact same way every single day, but some people feel that black coffee is really the only true correct way to drink coffee. One comment declares, “Anything past 1 isn’t coffee.” 

Other people argue that there should be much more variety between option 1 and 2. “There is supposed to be literally eight additional shades between 1 and 2.”

Yet other comments point out that options 3 and 4 look almost identical. We can’t disagree. “3 & 4 are literally the same yet there could be another whole scale between 1 & 2.”

Another person who likes coffee black only makes an exception for alcohol. “Anything past 1 is acceptable if it contains alcohol.”

If you are among the people who feel that it’s okay to drink coffee that’s not black and perhaps somewhere on the sliding scale from 3-5, you might be interested in learning how to make your coffee extra incredible with some recipes that recreate your favorite coffee house beverages at home. You can check out a video that explains how to make 6 delicious holiday-inspired beverages here. If you prefer iced coffee, you can learn how to make it yourself with your blender here.

How do you usually drink your coffee? Do you drink coffee the same way every single time, or do you mix it up sometimes depending on how your day’s going?