Texas Rangers Will Allow 100% Capacity for Games at Globe Life Field in 2021

David Herrera via Flickr

If you’re a sports fan, you’re probably thrilled at the news that Major League Baseball is about to start and fans will be allowed in the stadiums. How many fans will be allowed in the stadium will depend on which stadium you’re talking about. Most teams are limiting the number of fans to well under 50% capacity, but there is one major exception.

In a new campaign to promote COVID-19 vaccination, former President George W. Bush said, “I’m really looking forward to going to opening day in Texas Rangers stadium with a full stadium.” It looks like he’s going to see his wish come true in 2021.

The Texas Rangers are allowing 100% capacity at MLB games. They are currently the only team to allow 100% capacity. This announcement comes after Governor Greg Abbott announced that starting March 10, 2021, businesses would be allowed to open at 100% capacity.

Governor Abbott also announced that face masks were no longer required, but the Rangers are still going to require face masks at Globe Life Field. Even though they will be allowing up to 40,518 fans in the stadium, everyone will be required to wear a face mask at all times unless actively eating or drinking while sitting in his or her assigned seat.

The governor’s announcement allowed businesses to decide for themselves which COVID-19 safety precautions to follow. The Rangers are a good example of that. Face masks, check. Social distancing, at least while seated, not so much.

Opening day usually sells out, so fans most likely will be sitting right next to people who are not members of their household. However, after opening day, ticket sales usually drop off, which should allow the stadium to create social distancing areas. That is currently the plan.

When it comes to face masks, Rob Matwick, executive vice president for business operations, stresses that “voluntary compliance” is going to be very important. “We will need fan cooperation,” he explained. “So, first and foremost, we are going to ask fans to help us comply with the rules.”

There is going to be a 3-strike policy. The first and second time a fan doesn’t comply with the mask policy, he or she would be reminded about the policy. The third time, there is a possibility that the fan would be asked to leave the stadium. Matwick said, “I mean, it’s just like using obscene language or any other of the ballpark rules that we have. We have the right to ask somebody to leave. Can we do that? Absolutely. Do we want to do that? No, we don’t. But I think there’s a simple way to avoid that: Just comply with the rule.”

Besides requiring face masks, there will be several other safety precautions at Globe Life Field. For example, all payments will be cashless, and all tickets will be digital. No bags will be allowed unless it’s a diaper bag or for medical purposes, and there will be multiple hand sanitizing stations available.

Do you think it’s a good idea or a bad idea to allow 100% capacity at baseball games? Are you planning on attending any MLB games this season?