Texas Man Pays Homage to Olympic Curling With Roomba and Swiffer

If you have been watching the winter Olympics, you may have happened upon the sport of curling. Unlike figure skating, speed skating, skiing and snowboarding, curling is not a commonly understood sport in the United States.

The sport of curling actually started in Scotland, and those granite stones curlers hurl across the ice come from an island off the coast of Scotland.

The sport that involves stones, brooms and ice is thought to have started in the 16th century. In the 1800s, immigrants from Scotland brought the sport overseas and shortly after the first curling clubs in North America began.

Unless you have experience with curling, it looks rather strange and simple yet confusing at the same time. Like, why do they use brooms? The brooms actually function to help the stone move across the ice. The broom both smooths the ice and warms it up making the ice slicker and easier so that the stone can slide as far as possible.

Well, now you know a little bit about the stones and the brooms used in curling, but you still may think it looks a little bit odd. Want to see something that looks even odder? How about a Texas man imitating curling with two common cleaning products?

Charles McBride posted a video on Facebook that quickly went viral. In the video, he is seen holding what looks like a Swiffer sweeper. Then a robot vacuum comes into view. As the Roomba moves across the floor, McBride pretends like the vacuum is a curling stone and uses the Swiffer to frantically sweep the hardwood floor in front of and around the vacuum, pretending that the floor is ice and he’s playing the Olympic sport of curling.

This is something you really need to see for yourself in order to appreciate it. After watching it, you might be inspired to share it with your friends or even try your own homage to curling with a robot vacuum and broom in your home.