These Terrible T-Shirt Translations Are Too Too Funny

When was the last time you came down with a serious case of “buyer’s remorse?”

You know, that feeling when you excitedly throw open your bedroom door, shopping bags in hand after a fruitful trip to the local mall, only to discover that the $50 pink t-shirt that looked so great on you under the soft lights of the store dressing room is, in reality, a very unflattering shade of putrid salmon.

Yes, shopping is all fun and games— until you realize that the very same salmon-colored shirt that somehow was masquerading as a hip Millenial pink one in the dressing room, cannot be returned or even exchanged for store credit. Yep, we’re not too proud to admit that we too have found ourselves in this situation once or twice, and our various trips to Goodwill hauling bags of clothing with tags still attached are our proof!

While we absolutely hate finding ourselves in that particular situation, what we hate even more is coming across a top that is totally our style, only to realize soon after that it’s adorned with some bizarre slogan.

Now, we don’t know if it has something to do with the majority of Western clothing brands outsourcing their operations these days, but we’ve started to notice A LOT of clothing items, particularly graphic tees, have nonsensical sayings emblazoned across the chests or backs.

We often come across this style when we’re shopping with our little ones; it can happen at either a big box store or even a boutique. We’ll find a cute shirt with a mermaid or a horse on it, and we’ll be ready to head to the check-out line when all of a sudden we notice a spelling error or some terribly translated phrase written on it!

Story time: one time we purchased a onesie for our sister’s baby shower online. Because we had planned a vacation for the week leading up to the party, we selected the gift wrap option so that we weren’t swimming in wrapping paper the night before.

Cut to the baby shower. Our beautiful, glowing pregnant sister is opening our gift in front of about 100 of our closest friends and family members. We have our camera out to catch her reaction, but when she opens the package, the happy look that we expected to see was instead a confused one.

She turned the onesie around so that everyone could see, and we were instantly mortified. Instead of saying “Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!” on it, like the description had shown, it said “Happy Happy, Boy Baby!”

Thankfully, our sister was good-natured about the situation — and she even dresses our nephew in it sometimes when she wants to have a good laugh! — but it was an embarrassing baby shower nonetheless.

Anyway, the phenomenon is much, MUCH funnier when you’re not caught wearing or gifting the clothing. Don’t believe us? Just watch the video below to see dozens of examples of this hilarious trend for yourself. These bad translations have to be seen to be believed!

What are your thoughts on these bad t-shirt translations? Have you ever accidentally purchased a similar one? Which is your favorite from the video?