Teammate Helps Disabled 9-Year-Old Shoot and Score at Basketball Game

Jana Wright via Facebook

Are you sick of seeing so much negative news on your feeds? All we’ve seen is chatter about how awful 2020 has been. From COVID-19 to murder hornets and all the negativity in between, it’s time for some happy feel-good news.

Of course, the only thing we can think of is to scour the archives from before coronavirus was a thing (can we even remember that far?).

Before the pandemic, 9-year-old Austin Weaver had his day completely made, and it’s the best things you’re going to see all day.

It was at his school’s basketball game (before school sports had to be shut down indefinitely). Austin, who has cerebral palsy, a group of disorders that can affect a person’s ability to move, especially their balance and posture.

Well, when one of the players on the team, #50, Grayson Ford, was passed the ball, he decided to let someone else take a shot at making a basket: Austin.

He walked over to Austin and handed him the ball so that he could try to make a basket. With a little assist from Grayson, Austin was able to shoot the ball in the air. On the first try, however, he just missed the basket.

Thanks to Grayson, who got the ball again, he was able to give Austin another shot. Once again, he walked over to Austin to hand him the ball. This time, again with a small assist from Grayson, Austin makes the basket and scores for his team!

The audience in the bleachers erupted with cheers, and Austin happily ran throughout the court to high-five his team members and coach. You can tell his day was completely made—and honestly, so is ours!

His mother, Christina, posted the clip to her social media, which then went viral.

“Austin made a basket tonight!” she wrote. “We’re so blessed to have so many people support him. A huge thanks to his team for always helping him and even bigger thanks to Coach Mike for EVERYTHING he’s done for Austin.”

To see the heartwarming clip yourself, check out the video below. We can almost guarantee you’ll be smiling by the end of it (and maybe you’ll forget that COVID-19 is a thing for just a moment).

How adorable is this moment? Isn’t it great to see such innocence and kindness in a time like this? What’s your favorite feel-good story that may have occurred prior to 2020?