Teachers Share Their Best Advice For Parents On How To Prepare Kids for Back to School This Fall

Good Morning America

It’s that time of year again – back to school. While school supply lists usually involve things like notebooks, pencils and protractors, this year kids might be asked to bring face masks and hand sanitizer.

Some kids are especially excited to go back to school this year because many schools that were online only or hybrid last year are in-person this year, you know, like normal. Getting to see friends in person instead of on a computer screen is exciting indeed.

Last year was anything but a normal school year for many children. Especially if it was the child’s very first year of school, like a child entering kindergarten, this year might feel more like the very first day of school since it might be the first time the child is in a school building for the entire school day.

Good Morning America wanted to help parents out by getting some advice for parents from teachers with a lot of experience in the classroom. They interviewed three teachers who all had unusual school years last year. All three of the teachers taught classes that were either online only or a hybrid model where part of the school week was online and part was in-person.

GMA didn’t ask the questions. Instead, they let the parents ask the questions, and the questions are ones that are probably on the minds of most parents. For example, one parents wanted to know, “What can we do to help teachers?” Another parent wanted to know, “How can we best support our kids’ mental health and prepare them for in-person learning?”

Watch the video below to hear what teachers with 80 years combined teaching experience have to say in response to these questions from parents.

Have your children started school yet this school year? Did the parents in this video ask the questions you would ask a teacher? Do you think your children are ready to return to the classroom this school year?