Teacher Transforms Desks in Her Classroom Into Socially-Distant Trucks

If you have children, you’ve probably been bracing yourself for the return to school all summer. No matter what, the return to school will be like nothing we have ever experienced. Many children will be facing long days of Zoom classes as they get set up for distance learning. Many other students will walk into a school where they have to stay 6 feet away from their friends, and they have weird plastic shields on their desks.

There is no one right way to return to school this year, and while parents have been doing some unusual back to school shopping (desks and headphones for distance learners, hand sanitizer and face masks for in-person schooling), teachers have also been preparing.

Teachers returning to in-person schooling have to figure out how to make their classroom as appealing as possible while still adhering to safety guidelines. Thankfully, there are some very creative teachers out there, and one who is getting a lot of attention is Jennifer Birch Pierson.

Pierson is a kindergarten teacher in Texas, and she did a super cute overhaul on her students’ desks. Instead of boring desks with plastic shields attached to the front, she got crafty and transformed each desk into a little truck.

These truck desks will hopefully bring a smile to the faces of the children in her class (although you won’t be able to see it since they’ll be wearing face masks). It hardly makes up for how difficult this school year is bound to be, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

A photo of Pierson’s classroom was posted on Facebook by the blog Maybe I’ll Shower Today, and it has since been shared 18,000 times. There are also well over a thousand comments, many of them positive.

One comment reads, “ This is amazing!! Those kids going into this room are going to be so excited! Well done & best of luck to the teacher 👏🏻.”

Another person wrote, “Thank you for making it an inviting place to come especially for kindergarten, it is so sad and inappropriate to expect kids to not play when we know thats how they experience the world around them.”

One more comment reads, “Ive always marveled at the way teachers decorate their classrooms. I bet the kids will just be happy to be there with friends.”

Yet, there are many other comments pointing out that most classrooms won’t look like this and that the teacher probably paid for the modifications herself. One person commented, “Very cute, applaud this teacher for her creativity and heart..however, this unfortunately isnt what most childrens classrooms will look like..she’s literally like 1 in a million.”

Another person pointed out, “Many schools aren’t allowing that type of decorating- they will come in and mist with sanitizer which could ruin it.”

If you have children, will they be returning to school in person or online? Do you think schools should pay for teachers to do cute modifications like this to school desks?