Father of Biracial 7-Year-Old Outraged After Teacher Cuts Daughter’s Hair Without Permission

ABC 12

Many little girls love long hair and don’t want to get it cut very often. When that’s the case, a drastic haircut can bring tears. Sure, hair grows back, but when you go from loving your hair to hating your hair in one day because of a haircut, it seems like it will take way too long for your hair to grow back.

One 7-year-old bi-racial girl named Jurnee Hoffmeyer used to have long hair down her back. Her long beautiful curls were part of what made her special. Then, one day on the school bus, another student cut her hair. 

Jurnee’s dad, Jimmy Hoffmeyer, didn’t hold anything against a student for cutting his daughter’s hair. He explained, “I mean, I chalked it up because it was a child and you’re not thinking of any serious consequences having to do with a kid.”

Instead of being mad at a child for cutting his daughter’s hair, he took his daughter to get her hair professionally cut at a salon later that same day. The goal was to fix her hair while still keeping it as long as possible. He said, “So what we did is we took her to the salon to get a cut as an asymmetrical. She had a little short here, but long still talking about her shoulders on this side.”

It seems that the hair stylist knew what he or she was doing by suggesting a style that would fix the haircut mishap while still leaving the little girl with as much long hair as possible.

At first, it seemed like everything was fine. Jurnee was fine with her new haircut, and her dad sent her off to school the next day. Unfortunately, when she came home from school, she was in tears and most of her hair was missing. No, a student didn’t cut her hair on the bus again. This time, it was a teacher who cut Jurnee’s hair.

Jurnee’s dad doesn’t know exactly what happened or why the teacher cut his daughter’s hair without asking his permission first. All he knows is that his daughter was very upset by it. He explained, “After that teacher cut her hair, she was so embarrassed. So embarrassed. Because she had to go back to class like that.”

Jimmy knows that the teacher might have meant well, but the results did not turn out well. He said, “Our kind of hair, you can’t just wet down and cut it because and that’s when I feel like they should have, even if they were trying to do it in the kindest of their heart, once they seen the outcome, they should have been like, yeah we messed up. We should probably call him and let him know what just happened.”

More than anything, Jimmy wants an apology from the teacher and the school. He also wants to know why the teacher cut his daughter’s hair. He says that the school has apologized but has not shared any circumstances surrounding why the haircut happened in the first place.

Jurnee now attends a different school.

How would you react if your child came home from school crying because a teacher cut his or her hair without asking your permission? Do you think there is any reasonable explanation about why Jurnee’s teacher might have cut her hair?