15 Seniors Reveal What Their Tattoos Look Like Now That They’re Older


Getting a tattoo requires a lot of decision-making. You have to figure out something you’re going to want on your body for the rest of your life—that’s a huge commitment! Plus, there’s always that question of how is the tattoo going to hold up as you age?

It’s known that as you get older, your body begins to change. What might’ve once been tight bicep muscles sag, thighs get larger, everything gets jigglier. And that’s okay! But how will that affect your tattoo?

Sometimes it’s hard to know. But thanks to a few older people who’ve gotten tattoos in their youth and have now taken photos of what they look like at their current age, we have a much better idea! Check out some of the best photos below.


  1. Old tattooed lady

  2. 15 Seniors Reveal What Their Tattoos Look Like Now That They\'re OlderPermanent Ink

  3. From the tattoo gallery on the front page today.

  4. Because old people with tattoos look awesome.

  5. My 87 year old Step Grandmother decided it was time to get a tattoo.

Honestly, this makes us want to get a tattoo. These people look great! What do you think of how these tattoos have held up over the years?