These Baby ‘Tattoo-Sleeved’ Onesies Make Your Little Ones Look Like Rock Stars


There are so many great things about having a baby—the giggles, the play time, and of course the endless love.

But there’s just one other thing that we can’t get enough of, and that’s dressing our little one in fun outfits! It may sound silly, but there’s just something about putting a little girl in a tutu or a little boy in a bow tie that makes us smile from ear to ear.

If you’re anything like us and are always looking for the next cute outfit for your little one, then you’re going to get a kick out of this fun outfit we just came across.

We’re talking about a onesie—with tattoo sleeves! That’s right, a cute, comfy piece of clothing, complete with realistic looking tattoo arms. It’s one of those simple, yet brilliant concepts that makes us wonder how something like this has never been invented before.

The onesie, created by a retail brand called PAUBOLI, looks like just your typical onesie at first, but when you get a closer look at the sleeves, you’ll realize they mimic the look of tattoos—everything from skulls to fire and stars. When your baby has it on, the mesh material covers their arms to make it look as if they actually have two full on tattoo sleeves!

The shirt is made of 100 percent cotton and the sleeves are 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex, and comes in a range of different sizes: 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18-24 months. It comes in two colors: gray and black. Perfect rocker outfits if we do say so ourselves!

Best of all, the rocker onesie sells for just $11.99 on Amazon—a total steal! You can purchase it here.

This onesie is the perfect gift for any Mom and Dad who are fans of rock and roll, or even if you’re looking for a good Halloween costume for your baby or toddler. Whether you’re imagining them as a rock star or a biker, all you need is this one piece of clothing to complete the outfit.

Still not sure how you feel about the onesie? We get it—tattoos and babies can feel a little bizarre. But just take it from all the raving customers who left their reviews and can’t get enough of how cute their kids look in this thing!

“Love it, my baby looks so cool like mama. Nice quality, and I like the sheerness of the sleeve to make it look real and also not hot to wear,” one parent wrote.

“Adorable, soft, and rockin’. I bought this for my friends who just had a baby and they thought it was adorable, he looks just like his daddy when he wears this,” another purchaser commented.

“My son looks amazing in this. Fabric is soft! I would recommend this!!” another parent wrote.

Now how do you feel about this rocker onesie? Will you be purchasing it for your little one, or a parent friend?

Here it is again for your purchasing pleasure. Rock on!