Target’s Car Seat Trade-In Promotion is Back and Better Than Ever Before

New parents often wonder what products they really need to buy for their baby, but one product that is a must have is a correctly installed car seat. That’s why it’s important for parents to know the latest car seat safety guidelines and what not to have their children wear while in a car seat.

Parents who choose to use an infant car seat also need to learn the most convenient way to carry that seat. It turns out there really is an easy way

Some parents choose to skip the infant car seat altogether and buy a convertible car seat that grows with their child. Even in these cases, the car seat may get damaged or expire before the child is able to ride in the car without a car seat, making it necessary to purchase a new one. 

No matter what type of car seat parents choose to buy, it’s important for them to know the correct way to recycle their car seats when they’re done using them. That’s where the Target Trade-In event comes in. This popular event launched back in April 2016, and through this program, Target has already recycled more than 496,000 car seats!

Parents can trade-in any and all types of car seats during this event including infant seats, convertible seats and even booster seats. The car seats you trade-in don’t have to be in good condition either. They can be old, damaged and even expired.

To encourage customers to recycle their car seats, Target offers guests a 20% off coupon. In the past, these coupons could only be used towards a new car seat. That’s great for some families, for example, a family with a toddler who needs to upgrade from an infant car seat to a convertible car seat, but what if you don’t need a new car seat?

That’s where this program just got even better. For the first time, Target is extending the range of products that can be purchased with the 20% off coupon. Parents can still use the coupon for a new car seat, but they also have the option of using it towards baby gear like highchairs and bouncers.

All parents need to do to trade-in their old car seats is to stop by their local Target store. According to Target’s website, there will be drop-off boxes located near Guest Services. The 20% off coupons will be in the same area.

The only catch is that the trade-in event is only for a limited time. The current event is from April 22nd-May 4th, and the 20% off coupons must be redeemed either in-store or online by May 11, 2019.

We’re dusting off our old car seats and heading to Target right now!

Will you be taking advantage of Target’s car seat Trade-In event? If so, will you use the 20% off coupon towards a new car seat or something else?