Target’s New Swimsuit Ad is Getting High Marks

Shopping for beachwear yet? Spring fever is in full effect but it’s hard not to daydream of poolside lounging or sunny beaches. If you’re having a hard time picturing yourself rocking that two-piece like the glistening model in the ad, you’re not alone.

One major retailer is working overtime to change that this season. Target’s 2017 swimsuit ad campaign features women of all shapes, sizes, and colors – totally unretouched. Featuring four different models, there’s no Photoshop involved in the pics.

No glossy edits. No perfectly cinched waists, toned and tiger stripe free abs, or the elusive thigh gap that people seem to obsess over. Don’t believe it? This ad screams there’s something for everyone. In full blossom and bloom are curves, stretch marks, and shapes that all of us non-models can relate to. And the suits are pretty darn cute too.

Target just went ahead and said “whatevs”, and is totally slayin’ the beach. Their body-positive approach led them to recruit models and influencers from a range of backgrounds. Kamie Crawford is a former Miss Teen USA who works as a curvy model and TV host; she’s a size 12. Mom and supermodel Denise Bidot embraces the plus-size label as a size 14 and walks runways around the world.

Lizzie Armanto is breaking down gender barriers in the male-dominated sport of professional skateboarding. Megan Batoon is an actress, dancer, and YouTube personality. What do all of these women have in common?

They all have confidence in their bodies and who they are, and it doesn’t hurt that they love Target’s affordable swimsuits. In a statement on their website, Target celebrates all women through this particular campaign:

“We decided to show women’s bodies as they are, without reshaping their curves or removing stretchmarks, with the hope of inspiring women to be confident and embrace the beauty of their own bodies.”

You may have noticed other brands taking notice of inclusiveness and body consciousness when it comes to their messaging and product offerings. What Target has done here is taken it a step further by having these beautiful models bare their regular bodies just as we would out in public. Stretch marks and cellulite are welcome!

We all have an idea of what swimsuits we think are best for our bodies, but it’s cool to grab a suit you like too. In her own statement for Target’s promotion, Megan Batoon shared this:

“You’re bearing the most amount of skin in public when you’re in a swimsuit, so it’s important that it helps you feel confident so you can be completely yourself and enjoy every part of summer without the burden of insecurities. I love a good one-piece or a high waist bikini. I feel like they are timeless, classy and I can eat a full watermelon without the fear of looking bloated. I call that a win-win-win.”

If buying a new swimsuit has given you pause because you’re concerned about fit, style, or appearance, then you may be in for a pleasant surprise. It’s cool that Target is paying attention to its customers and giving women some hot options for this summer. We can get with that!

What are your thoughts on this ad campaign? Do you have swimsuit anxiety? What’s your swimwear style? Share with us in the comments!