Here’s Why Parents of Special Needs Kids Are Jumping for Joy Over Target’s New Clothing Line

Earlier this week, Target launched a new line of products for children. Its Cat & Jack line has expanded to include adaptive clothing for kids with special needs!

For a long time, the adaptive apparel industry has been geared towards adults, namely seniors or those with disabilities. Adaptive wear for children is also available, but some of the choices have been somewhat limited.

There’s definitely room in this niche market. Putting clothes and shoes on and taking them off can be a challenge for both kids and parents. Wearing something that won’t get stuck in a wheelchair is also a biggie for special needs children.

Target is hoping to ease some of those challenges and offer a stylish, affordable collection of items. Currently, there are 40 pieces to choose from, and a subset of pieces for kids with sensory sensitivities. You’ll find sizes start at toddler and go up to XXL, depending on the item.

Pajamas without feet, tagless tees, and leggings are among the fashionable selection. Target’s design team met with kids and parents for their input on how to address their needs. By combining the technical with the creative, the company was able to produce a line they’re proud of.

With their sensory-friendly options, special care was put into using ultra-soft fabric, creating flat seams, and getting rid of tags that could irritate the skin. This is a major issue for kids with autism or ADHD who may be oversensitive to clothing.

Some of the tops have abdominal access for those children who may use a feeding tube. Bottoms like leggings or jogging pants are specially designed for kids who need extra diaper coverage. Side snaps and back snaps are another feature that helps to make getting dressed or undressed easier. And many of these items include concealed openings.

Outerwear cleverly makes use of removable sleeves and side openings so kids can easily slide their jackets on and off. An added bonus? Thumbholes in the cuffs if gloves aren’t an option!

Parents who can relate to pajama nightmares may find that the reversible one-piece is a game changer. The zipper can be worn in the front or back to prevent little fingers from undoing their jammies in the middle of the night.

It’s a big step for the retail giant, but Target is no stranger when it comes to creating inclusive fashions. Earlier this year, they made a big splash with their plus-size swimsuit campaign. Models proudly bared their bodies, stretch marks and all.

For the millions of kids living with disabilities, this is exciting. On the company’s website, you’ll see real kids modeling some of the pieces to get an idea of how they’re worn. The company is urging families to give feedback on the line to help them determine where to make improvements or possibly expand.

If you’re looking for functional and stylish adaptive wear for your child, then you might love what Target has to offer. Other designers like Tommy Hilfiger are jumping into the market too (for adults and kids) to give those with physical or mental challenges more choices. It’s a fantastic step in the right direction!

What are your thoughts on Target’s new line? Is this something you need for your family? Have you tried any of their designs?