13 People Who Are Taking COVID-19 Much More Seriously Than Their Parents

Under normal circumstances, parents are the ones making the rules, setting the curfew and saying “no” to certain events and parties that their children want to attend.

We are not living during normal times. There is a global pandemic going on, yet not everyone is taking it seriously. In some cases, the children are actually the ones who are taking COVID-19 more seriously than their parents. 

Many teens, young adults, and children of Boomers have been venting on social media about how they are the ones telling their parents to wear face masks and not to go out with friends. Meanwhile, these responsible young people are staying home, avoiding social situations and trying to plead with their parents to do the same.

Scroll down for 13 examples of young people being more responsible than their parents when it comes to COVID-19.

  1. Smiling Through the Mask

  2. Voting Booth

  3. Church

  4. “Lawd Help Me”

  5. Hand Sanitizer

  6. Boomer Parents

  7. Role Reversal

  8. Not Worried

  9. “Stupid Risks”

  10. Immunocompromised

  11. “Weird Times”

  12. Acting Like Children

  13. Playing Cards