Suzanne Somers Opens Up About the Intruder Entering Her Property During Facebook Live Show

Come and knock on her door… but don’t let yourself inside!

Actress Suzanne Somers experienced quite a shock on Friday evening when an unexpected visitor showed up at her Palm Springs, California home during a Facebook Livestream session.

Somers, 74, was recording a video that showcased a variety of makeup products. Around 40 minutes in, the actress abruptly stops to speak to her husband, producer Alan Hamel.

“Is somebody here?” she asks. “I just heard a person.”

“It’s just a frog,” Hamel told Somers.

She then turns and sees the individual who invited herself into her home. In a surprising move, Somers asks the intruder to come closer to where she is sitting. She later told viewers that she had first thought he was a dinner guest who had arrived early.

Somehow, Somers kept her cool during the uneasy encounter, during which the man told her he was a “terrified” hiker. He allegedly was barely clothed, and remained off-camera during their conversation.

“You don’t scare me… but I’m not used to people being on our property,” she told the intruder.

The man identified himself as Aaron Carpenter and told Somers he had been led to her home by a friend. Carpenter asked if the actress had ever heard of him and said he had brought her and her husband a gift, which they politely declined.

The intruder told Somers he was “not a scary person whatsoever.” Somers agreed he seemed perfectly kind but told him he needed to leave her home.

Fortunately, the man apologized to Somers, and the incident did not escalate any further. The actress then gave the intruder directions on departing from the property, and her husband showed him the door.

Police caught up with Carpenter shortly after the incident but did not issue a citation. Somehow, Somers kept her composure, seeming unflustered as she continued her video.

Somers and her husband have since sat down with Good Morning America to talk about the bizarre encounter, where she was asked how she kept her cool during such an unsettling moment.

“You jump right into crisis mode,” she said. “Crisis mode, for me, is I stay calm. I can handle everything.”

She admitted she poured a glass of tequila to settle her nerves after the incident. Somers, who’s the author of many weight loss books, specified it was a clear tequila. After all, it has fewer calories!

We are glad Somers is remaining lighthearted about the incident and that no one was hurt. What would you have done in her position? Were you surprised by her calm demeanor?