Suzanne Somers, Actress And Health Advocate, Dies At 76

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Suzanne Somers, the beloved actress, health advocate, and prolific author, passed away on Sunday, Oct 15th. She was 76 years old. With a career spanning over five decades, Suzanne left a significant imprint in the entertainment industry and beyond, touching the lives of millions with her talent, resilience, and unwavering dedication to health and wellness.

Born on October 16, 1946, in San Bruno, California, Suzanne embarked on her journey to stardom with roles in iconic TV shows like “Three’s Company” and “Step by Step.” Her bubbly personality and comedic timing made her a household name.

“Three’s Company” was known for its light-hearted, farcical humor and its exploration of social and sexual themes, which were considered somewhat risqué for the time. The series featured a quirky cast of characters, including the Ropers (Mr. Roper and later Mr. Furley), as well as various love interests and neighbors who often became entangled in the roommates’ comedic schemes.

“Three’s Company” consistently ranked among the top-rated TV shows during its original run. It often held a spot in the Nielsen Top 10.

In the video below, Suzanne Somers explains why she left Three’s Company

Beyond her acting prowess, Suzanne Somers was a passionate advocate for health and wellness. She courageously battled breast cancer in the early 2000s, sharing her journey with the world and becoming a beacon of hope for countless others facing similar struggles. Suzanne’s advocacy for alternative medicine and holistic health approaches endeared her to many, and she authored numerous books, including the best-selling “Ageless” series, to share her insights and wisdom on living a vibrant, healthy life.

Ms. Somers was also a successful businesswoman. Her ‘ThighMaster’ exercise device became an iconic fitness product, and she built an empire promoting healthy living through her books, products, and speaking engagements.

Suzanne Somers will be remembered for her professional accomplishments, warm heart, and unbreakable spirit. She leaves behind her husband, Alan Hamel, and her children, Bruce and Leslie. She was a dedicated mother and wife, known for her unwavering love and support for her family.