SUV Filled With Several Gas Cans Bursts Into Flames in Florida

WFLA-TV / Citrus County Fire Rescue

Ever since the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline threatened a temporary gas shortage in the eastern United States, getting gas has gotten a little bit crazy. We’ve seen pictures of long lines of cars waiting patiently for one working pump. We’ve heard about gas stations that have run out of gas completely. We’ve also heard about gas hoarding.

Yes, last year’s toilet paper hoarding is this year’s gasoline hoarding. Our of fear of running out of gas, some people have shown up at gas station with multiple gas cans, methodically filling each one to the brim. Other people have used everything from plastic bags to what looks like a hottub to prepare for a gas shortage.

You know what hoarding gas leads too? A real gas shortage for those of us who find our cars nearing empty. You know what else hoarding gas leads to? In one case, it led to an SUV catching fire.

In Citrus County, Florida, a 2004 Hummer H2 burst into flames. One person was injured but chose to decline medical treatment.

In a photo of the charred Hummer, we see a gas station in the background. The vehicle’s owner had just left a Texaco station and not only filled up the Hummer’s gas tank but had also filled up multiple gas cans. Firefighters discovered 4 5-gallon gas cans in the back of the vehicle.

Thankfully, firefighters were able to put out the fire quickly. The reason the fire started is still being investigated by the Florida State Fire Marshal.

This is an example of gas hoarding gone terribly wrong. It’s important to point out that hoarding gas is completely unnecessary in Florida since 90% of the state’s gas comes from cargo ships.

Is there a gas shortage in your area? Do you know anyone who has hoarded gasoline recently? Do you think this story about the Hummer catching fire will discourage people from hoarding gas? Why do you think the Hummer caught on fire?