‘Surreal’ Sight in Rhode Island Where Road Completely Crumbled After Ida Hit the Region

When we think of hurricanes and the damage they cause, we often think of southern states like Florida, Louisiana and Texas where hurricane evacuations happen from time to time and residents know how to board up their windows.

Hurricanes can be very destructive in northern states too. Hurricane Ida caused massive flooding and damage in states like New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

One video taken on a residential street in Rhode Island shows just how much damage a hurricane can cause. Not only can the strong winds and rain cause damage to buildings like homes and businesses, but they can also cause damage to roads.

Part of a roadway along Fairview Lane in Rhode Island is completely destroyed. Photos and videos show the road broken into pieces, crumbling with water running through the broken pieces of what was once a place people could actually drive their cards. Now, one car is shown stranded and half falling off the broken road. Watch the video below to see this crumbled road for yourself.

Rhode Island isn’t the only northern state that suffered from damage caused by hurricane Ida. The storm also caused tornado warnings and sightings in states including Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

New York had flash floods, and as a result, 8 people died when their basement apartments flooded from the storm. Airplane and train travel was also suspended due to the flooding.

Did you know that hurricanes could damage roads? Have you ever lived somewhere where a hurricane caused damage?