California Cops Arrest 158 People During ‘Superspreader’ House Party

Residents in many areas of California have been told to stay home as much as possible. As hospital beds near capacity, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a mandate that would close many businesses including hair salons and wineries. The trigger would be when hospitals had fewer than 15% of their beds available. Once the order begins, it is set to last for three weeks with the goal being to greatly reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Many people want to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and take orders like the one mentioned above seriously. Other people do what they want no matter what, choosing to ignore any potential danger.

This past weekend in Palmdale, California, the law enforcement found out that an underground party was set to take place at an abandoned house. According to police, in order to throw the party, organizers broke into the home and used a UHaul to transport all of their equipment.

When police arrived to break up the event around 10pm, they found 116 adults and 35 minors. In all, the police arrested a total of 158 people.

The party-goers were not wearing face masks, so the police gave them face masks to put on. Police are calling this house party a “superspreader event.”

Another significant outcome of breaking up this party is that police were able to rescue a 17-year-old girl who was at the party. Police believe she was a victim of sex trafficking. They were able to rescue her and engage “first responder protocol.”

After searching the site that night, the police found 3 weapons. They searched again in the morning when it was easier to see due to daylight, and they found 3 more weapons.

This is not the first party like this that police have had to break up in southern California. Police say that the same organizers also held similar parties in Pomona and Ontario.

For more about what police discovered at this party, watch the video below.

What consequences do you think the organizers of these “superspreader” parties should face? Does it surprise you that people would organize large parties like this during the coronavirus pandemic?