Texas Man Wins $75,000 After Suing Telemarketers Over Illegal, Persistent Robocalls

monkeybusiness via Deposit Photos

Chances are, you’ve received a robocall in the last month. Or week. Heck, maybe you’ve even gotten two in the last hour. While they can be annoying at best, did you know that some may even violate federal laws?

If you’ve registered your phone number in the National Do Not Call Registry, but are still receiving robocalls, then listen up: You may be entitled to a boatload of cash. One man who made this realization recently sued telemarketers and is now $75,000 richer!

Dan Graham, a financial accountant who splits his time between Dallas and Austin, Texas, won the court lawsuit after receiving multiple calls from telemarketers a day, even after listing his number in the registry. “I probably get, in any given day, 10 [calls] on average,” Graham said. “I counted one day…I got 24 that day.”

After he was still receiving calls once his number was supposedly not out there anymore, he contacted the Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission to make his complaints heard. This was a violation, after all.

The FTC states that “companies that illegally call numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry or place an illegal robocall can currently be fined up to $43,792 per call.” As a financial person, Graham realized the opportunity here.

For each telemarketing firm that contacted him after he listed his name on the registry, Graham filed a lawsuit against them on the grounds that it violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The act states that marketers “must obtain prior express written consent before robocalling,” and they most certainly were not.

Graham was able to file a total of 50 lawsuits in small business court. Though there were a few early failed attempts, he eventually began to win his case, resulting in massive amounts of financial penalties for the companies.

His advice to others? Push back if you know something is wrong. “If people knew how to push back and started doing so, we could make this kind of endless spam unaffordable for the people who do it,” Graham said. “The hope is that there’s enough of us who stand up, start pushing back, that it becomes more expensive for companies to negligently hire these telemarketers and participate in these telemarketing practices.”

Do you receive a lot of spammy calls like this? How do you usually handle them? Do you know anyone who has been able to successfully sue after receiving so many?