Homeowners Have Been Sued For Parking Their Car In Their Own Driveway

DiamondBack Covers via Flickr

Most residences include a place to park your vehicle. If you rent an apartment, it’s possible that there may not be a convenient parking spot included with your rent, but if you own a house, it would probably be safe to assume that you would be able to park your vehicle at your residence.

While many residential houses have garages where you can park your vehicle, not everyone uses their garage as a parking spot. Sometimes they double as storage, a home gym or another use. Other times, a family may have multiple vehicles and choose to park one or two of them in the garage while another vehicle is parked in the driveway.

Many people love to park their vehicle in their driveway; however, one couple’s home owners association told them that they were not allowed to park their vehicle in their driveway. The vehicle in question was a Ford F-150, the nation’s most popular truck.

The homeowners association in this particular neighborhood claims that the Ford F-150 is a commercial vehicle and that only passenger vehicles are allowed to be parked in driveways.

David and Arna Orlando lived in a residential neighborhood in Manlius, New York. While the residences are owned by the homeowners, the driveways in the neighborhood are owned by the Kimry Moor Homeowners Association.

According to David, his truck is registered with the state of New York as a passenger vehicle and other homeowners park their trucks in their driveways.

A lawsuit against the Orlandos argues that driveways are only for “private, passenger-type, pleasure automobiles,” and the lawyer for the homeowners association claims that a pickup truck “is not a passenger vehicle by definition.”

In the end, the homeowners association got their way. The Orlandos didn’t simply agree to stop parking their truck in their driveway. Instead, they picked up and moved to Florida. David explained, “Enough pressure was put on us that we felt we had to leave. We were forced out of our home.”

Paul Curtin is the lawyer for the homeowners association. He thinks it’s ridiculous for the Orlandos to claim that they moved from New York to Florida because of the lawsuit. He said, “The association did not directly or indirectly do anything to cause them to sell their home and go all the way to Florida.” He added, “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Curtin expects the homeowners association to drop the lawsuit since the Orlandos have moved.