9 Tricks Stylists Use to Keep Hair Clean and Voluminous Longer

Keeping your hair looking great can often feel like an uphill battle. We know there have got to be ways to make your hair stay healthy, clean, and voluminous, but how do you do it?

We wanted to know, so we did a little research, and found some insider secrets from stylists. These are nine simple techniques and habits guaranteed to give your hair lift, shine, and bounce!

  1. Sleep in a Bun

    Does this sound scary? Do you think you’ll wake up in a frizzy mess? Here’s how to do it right: dampen your hair slightly first. Use a scrunchy to put your hair in a bun, remove it in the morning, and marvel at your hair’s bounce.

  2. Change Your Part

    If your hair tends to lie flat, you may let it fall where it naturally parts. However, this can make it look less voluminous. For an instant boost at your part, just flip your hair over to the other side!

  3. Back Brush

    Don’t be terrified of a little teasing! If you do this right, you’ll get volume, not frizz. Use a soft paddle brush and work backwards at the ends of your hair. Go gently, and the technique will give your hair a light lift.

  4. Use Volume-Building Shampoo

    Many shampoos are marketed as volume-building. But here’s a trick: go for one that is clear, or at least translucent. Compared to creamy shampoos, these will have fewer ingredients that can weigh down your hair.

  5. Change Your Pillowcase

    Think about it: your hair spends a lot of time on your pillow–maybe 7 or 8 hours a day, if you’re sleeping well. That means a lot of dirt, oil, bacteria and other nasty things can build up. When they transfer to your hair, it gets weighed down. So change your pillowcase once a week for average hair, or twice a week if your hair is oily.

  6. Don’t Over-Wash Your Hair

    Using shampoo too often can strip your hair of its natural oils, which can cause it to lie flat and look dull. If you want more volume, try shampooing less often — only once every two or three days.

    If the thought of not washing your hair sends shivers down your spine, don’t forget that you can try a dry shampoo. Many of these also help give your hair volume.

  7. Apply Conditioner Sparingly

    Conditioners can strengthen and beautify hair, but also weigh it down. So here’s the stylist’s secret: never apply conditioner to your roots. Instead, use your fingers to work it into the ends only, then rinse. That way, you strengthen the tips of your hair without dulling the rest.

  8. Try Hot Rollers

    While they might seem like a prehistoric implement to some people, hot rollers are actually a great way to add lift to your hair. Just make sure not to turn the heat up too high, since this can damage your hair.

  9. Wear Your Hairstyles High to Low

    Start your day with your hair up, by using a bun, clip, or other method. Then, later in the day, let it down. Not only does this keep your hair looking fresh longer, it also helps your hair maintain its volume throughout the day.

Have you tried any of these techniques? Have they worked for you? Do you have any other secrets for keeping hair fresh and voluminous?

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