Stylist Gives His Sister a Dramatic Makeover for Her 50th Birthday

The Makeover Guy is great at successfully updating hair and makeup for men and women. Many people have come to him for makeovers for milestone events, and every time, getting a makeover makes them feel ready to take on the next chapter of their lives.

One example is Diane, who wanted a makeover after losing 117 pounds. Another example is Vicki who got divorced after 44 years of marriage. While the first example is happy and the second one is rather sad, in both cases, a makeover was just what these ladies needed to look and feel their best.

While the Makeover Guy, Christopher, has done makeovers for many, many clients, it has to be even more special for him to get to do a makeover for a family member. When his sister, Michelle, turned 50, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to update her look.

Michelle hadn’t been on a plane since 2000, so when she flew to Minneapolis for her makeover, that was her very first experience with modern day airport security. The trip was definitely worth it though.

When Michelle arrived, she was wearing glasses, and her shoulder-length hair was wavy and gray. Christopher definitely saw ways that he could easily make her look younger, and that’s what Michelle was hoping for.

In her pre-makeover interview, Michelle says, “I’m expecting to look a little bit younger.”

Michelle’s makeover included hair dye in a beautiful shade of brown, long extensions, a beautiful makeup job and even her very first time trying botox. Michelle was a little nervous about botox since she doesn’t even like visiting the dentist, but she did great, and there was noticeable improvement in her skin right away.

By the end of her visit, Michelle felt and looked like she did in her 20s. She says, “I’m very happy. I’m looking beautiful and sexy and young. My husband’s going to love it.”

Christopher adds, “This is the way she used to look though. It just takes more work to look like this when you’re in your 50s.”

There’s nothing better than meeting up with friends and family after getting a makeover, and that’s just what Michelle did. Christopher went with her to celebrate her 50th birthday, and there was even a surprise guest. We’re sure everyone loved her new look.

Watch the video below to see what Michelle looks like post-makeover.

It’s hard to believe she’s really 50 isn’t it? Have you ever gotten a makeover?