15 People Share the ‘Stupid’ Things That Actually Work Really Well

AndreyPopov via Deposit Photos

There any many life hacks that sound stupid when you first hear them, but once you try them for yourself, you find yourself using the hack over and over again. Sometimes it’s the oddest remedies that work the best.

Reddit user NecessaryPrudence asked, “What is so stupid but it actually really works?” Some of the answers are hacks we hadn’t heard of before but definitely plan to try. Scroll down to discover some “stupid” things that actually work really well.

  1. Bug Bites

    Reddit user stoneyevora wrote:

    Putting hand sanitizer on bug bites. It’s the most glorious feeling and it works better than any itch spray!

  2. Duct Tape

    ElBeatch shared:

    Putting a piece a duct tape on your bike seat so people won’t steal it.Who wants to try and sell a potentially ripped bike seat, let alone buy one.

  3. Don’t Say “Free”

    badcgi shared:

    My family has put out older but still working appliances or furniture on the curb with a sign saying “free” and no one touches it, but put a sign that says “$50, inquire within” and leave it overnight, sure enough it will be gone by morning.

  4. Porch Pirates

    Umbra427 answered:

    I had a lot of problems with porch pirates in my neighborhood. So I packed an amazon box with toiletpaper that I had melted chocolate onto. I mean jam packed. Left it on my porch and it was gone within a few days. Idk what they thought but I didn’t have any more problems for about a year after that.

  5. Hidden in Plain Sight

    sixpackshaker explained:

    Way back in the day, my brother kept his cassette tapes in a greasy KFC box on the passenger seat of his car. His thinking was no one is going to break your windows when there is day old chicken sitting in the heat.

  6. Hiccups

    Merry_Dankmas wrote:

    My girlfriend speaks Spanish and I don’t. She taught me some trick to cure hiccups where you recite a little poem type thing in Spanish then take 3 small sips of water after reciting the poem. I can’t remember what it translates to of the top of my head but it works every single time without fail. I don’t even understand it and it still works. Every fiber of my being knows that it’s placebo. I’ve even told myself internally that this it’s placebo while doing it and it still worked.

  7. Great Idea!

    Faythezeal added:

    Convincing someone that it was their idea to finally get them to agree to it. It works at an incredible success rate.

  8. No Ironing

    millycactus added:

    Putting a few ice cubes in the dryer with a garment that needs ironing. 15 minutes later you have a wrinkle free item of clothing with extra time free to spend on other things

  9. Goodbye Static Cling

    mference123 shared:

    My anti-clothing static device. I think I learned about this on reddit.I live in a dry climate and static cling was always a problem. I really dislike fabric softeners for multiple reasons, but this trick solved the problem. Take an old cloth (mine is a cloth napkin) and pin 7-10 big safety pins to it. Just toss it in the dryer with your clothes. The safety pins hit the sides of the dryer, continually grounding your laundry. works like a charm.

  10. To-Do List Trick

    boyvsfood2 wrote:

    I make a to-do list but put like 3 or 4 things that are just mind-numbingly simple. I knock them out, cross them off, feel productive, and feel motivated to hammer out the tougher pieces.

  11. Technology

    DFSdog explained:

    Stay at least a year behind in technology and gaming. Better, yet, two. You’ll save a ton of money.

  12. No Pool, No Problem

    Back2Bach added:

    On hot days, our neighbor turns on his lawn sprinkler and sits next to it in a lawn chair in his bathing suit.

  13. Jewelry

    tminor787 explained:

    My aunt puts her expensive jewelry in a zip lock bag, and her cheap jewelry in the jewelry boxes. She apparently had a lot of her jewelry stolen in the past by family. She now only has the cheap stuff stolen.

  14. Getting Motivated

    here_for_love answered:

    I have trouble with motivation and procrastination but I am learning that I routinely fall for some pretty dumb tricks… – giving myself a countdown. If I need to do something I don’t want to do, I do it on the count of three and for some reason it really helps – setting insanely easy goals to trick myself into starting a task (e.g. spend 1 minute practicing). Once I’ve started I usually keep going.

  15. Compliment Yourself

    frejsinatorn added:

    Tell ing yourself you look good in the mirror will make you think that you look better