15 People Share Stupid Questions That They’ve Just Always Wanted to Ask

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We’ve heard people say that there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but most people probably don’t believe that. For example, there are multiple food service employees who would happily tell you about the stupid things customers have said to them.

Stupid questions are far from limited to food service. These questions can occur in any area of life, and many of us have them. We have these questions that are in the back of our head wanting to be asked but we don’t ask them because we don’t want anyone to look at us like we just asked a stupid question. 

Instead, we sometimes turn to Google for an answer to the question we so badly want answered, but sometimes even Google can’t answer what might not be such a stupid question after all.

Reddit user Imterneto asked, “What is a stupid question you’ve always wanted to ask?” You just might discover that those questions you’ve been wanting to ask weren’t so stupid. After all, how can it be a stupid question if multiple people want to know the answer?

Scroll down for 15 of our favorite “stupid” questions.

  1. Life on the Moon

    Reddit user spmahn asked:

    When Apollo 11 was launched and we stepped foot on the moon, was NASA 100% confident that there was no intelligent life up there? Was there a contingency plan in place in the event that there was?

  2. Deaf Parents with a Newborn

    Asked by alsetevoli:

    How would deaf couples attend to a newborn crying at night? There must be some kind of gizmo to wake them and if there is, what did they do before said gizmo?

  3. Lemon Juice

    portergervan asked a real head scratcher:

    Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?

  4. Debt

    AXweilder17 asked:

    If a bunch of countries owe debt to each other, why doesn’t it just.. cancel out or something?

  5. Braille

    Written by topshelftopknot:

    How do blind people know where the Braille is located?

  6. Professional Swimmers

    Asked by Cheuck:

    do professional swimmers sweat when they are training under water?

  7. Sidewalks

    Asked by InsertBluescreenHere:

    Here in america land we drive on the right and in busy hallways and sidewalks people walk on the right side. Since England and a host of other places drive on the left – Do their people also walk on the left on sidewalks and in stores?

  8. Grass

    A question from Reddits_Mr_Wolf:

    Why does grass make me itchy?

  9. Dad Jokes

    DefectiveCookie wanted to know:

    Do dads start telling dad jokes to attract a mate or do the powers come after the child is born?

  10. The Flintstones

    DinossauroDoAcre asked:

    Why do the Flintstones celebrate Christmas if they were born before Jesus?

  11. Canada Goose

    Back2Bach wanted to know:

    If a Canada goose is born in Canada and then lives there, is it a Canadian Canada goose?

  12. Thinking

    Written by IOneThirtyI:

    If people are born deaf, what language do they think in?

  13. Cartoon Characters

    Written by Stokrock81:

    Why do cartoon characters always wear the same thing?

  14. Photo of the First Camera

    ChewBeccaaaaa asked:

    How did the famous photo of the first camera get taken, if it was the first? Did they wait to announce it when a second was made for this reason?

  15. Speed Limit

    DatSomeNextLevelShit wrote:

    Why do they make cars/trucks capable of going +100 mph if speeds that high aren’t legal anywhere in the U.S?