Elementary School Student Who Slapped a Teacher As Part of a TikTok Challenge Faces Expulsion

WPLG Local 10

Social media sites like TikTok can be fun and even educational, but sometimes they can cause people to do really bad things. Kids and teens are sometimes encouraged to do very destructive and even criminal things for the sake of a TikTok challenge, and many fall for the peer pressure.

One new social media challenge involves a different challenge every month, and it takes place at school. Not only are students encouraged to do destructive things for the challenge, but they are also encouraged to take a video and post the criminal acts on TikTok.

In the month of September, the TikTok challenge encouraged students to do things like steal from teachers and destroy school bathrooms. These are very serious and criminal actions.

Now that it’s October, students are no longer destroying or stealing school property, but this month’s challenge is even worse. Students are being told to hit a teacher. This is unacceptable behavior.

One elementary school student who participated in the challenge by hitting a teacher could possibly be expelled for the rest of the school year. The school district is taking this action seriously and warning parents to talk to their children about the serious consequences of participating in these TikTok challenges.

In a Facebook post, Bryan Vaugh, the director of public safety and transportation for the Lancaster School District, wrote, “Sadly, we actually had an elementary student assault a teacher by striking her in the back of the head.” He continued, “Any student who physically assaults a staff member will be held responsible both legally and by board policy. Assault on a staff member is an expellable offense which means the student is removed from the school for the rest of the year.”

Vaugh wants parents to monitor their children’s social media habits and talk to them “about the serious repercussions of making poor decisions and peer pressure.”

Watch the video below for more about these TikTok challenges and the serious consequences for students who participate in these challenges.

What do you think would be the appropriate consequence for slapping a teacher or destroying school property? What do you think parents should do to make sure their children don’t participate in these challenges?