Just 13 Memes for People Who Are Really Struggling With Daylight Saving Time

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Daylight Savings Time is just an extra hour more or less in the day…how bad could it be?

For some reason, every year when we push back or pull forward the clocks, things just get funky. You wouldn’t think that extra hour would do so much damage, but, oh, it can.

Just take it from these hilarious memes that were posted after we “fell forward” on November 1. We couldn’t agree more!

  1. It Gets Dark Way Too Early

  2. This Year is Long Enough

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  3. Let’s Go Back Longer Than an Hour

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    ⏰ ⏰ ⏰ ⏰

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  4. It Feels Like You Literally Slept Forever

  5. You’ll NEVER Give In

  6. No Amount of Coffee is Enough


  7. If You Have Kids, it’s Even Worse

  8. You Feel Personally Victimized

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  9. You Always Mess Up Which Way the Times Goes

  10. The Day After is Painful

  11. It Feels Like an Entire Year Went By

  12. It Makes You Even Less Motivated

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  13. It’s Just Plain Stupid

What are your thoughts on Daylight Savings Time?