Woman Gets Slammed on Reddit After Strapping Her Baby to a Barstool

RaveenaiWilkes via Reddit

It’s not for everyone, but baby wearing can be extremely convenient and helpful for many parents. We’ve found that wearing a baby in a baby carrier can make the baby feel safe and secure, causing less fussiness and longer naps. We’re also fans of the extra baby cuddles while we run errands or get work done around the house.

When a baby likes to be held all the time, a baby carrier can be a great way for a mom (or dad, grandparent, babysitter, etc.) to make the baby happy while still having their arms free; however, there are times that a baby carrier isn’t the best idea.

One woman walked into a bar while wearing a baby in a baby carrier. When she sat down in a bar stool, she decided to do something creative with the baby carrier. Instead of continuing to wear it, she took it off and strapped it to the back of the bar stool where she was sitting. The poor baby now found his or her face pressed up against a bar stool.

Mounting her baby on the back of a chair from r/trashy

Someone took a picture of the baby strapped to the bar stool and posted it on Reddit. While we’re not at all aiming to mom shame here (we don’t even know if the woman in the picture is the baby’s mother), we can’t help but be concerned for the baby’s safety. Reddit users are overwhelmingly concerned as well.

One comment reads, “It’s meant to be around someone’s arms, so I feel like the harness could slip off of the chair.” 

Another Reddit user wrote, “Is nobody in that place telling her that the baby is an actual human being and might not appreciate being face first in that nasty chair back? Disgusting.”

Yet, other Reddit users don’t see a problem with the situation. One dad bravely commented, “As a father I feel like if that baby is asleep I would do the same thing and enjoy my beer. Why would I mess with a good situation.”

A lot of other people chose to ignore the potential danger for the baby and see the humor in the situation. There are many comments comparing the baby to a backpack and saying that the mom was excited to drink again since she couldn’t while she was pregnant and “Quiet now… Momma is workin’ on getting us a new Daddy.”

What’s your response to this picture of the baby carrier strapped to the bar stool? Do you think it’s funny, acceptable parenting, or a bad parenting decision?