5 Reasons Your Strapless Bra Is Sliding Down And What To Do About It

All women can acknowledge the struggle of the strapless bra. Whether it’s too big, too small or just plain uncomfortable, everyone has had an awkward or even painful experience with one of these bras before. (If you haven’t, I sincerely commend you!) This video, brought to us by Glamrs, addresses some of the biggest strapless bra blunders and how to fix them, so you can stop shoving your strapless tops and dresses to back of your closet! Instead, find the right bra, wear it correctly, treat it right, and wear your favorite summer outfits with confidence.


  1. Your bra band is too narrow.

    You may not want those bra straps, but you do need the support they provide! So when you take them away, something needs to compensate: your bra’s band. If your bra is falling down, it might be too narrow, so try a wider band that will make up for the support of those missing straps.
  2. Your bra band is too loose.

    A strapless bra does things a little differently than your regular bra, and that means you need to size it a little differently. Go for a band size one size smaller than what you would normally wear. For example, if you normally wear a 34 band, your strapless bra should be a 32.
  3. Your bra is worn out.

    What if you did buy a smaller-than-normal bra but it’s started falling down anyway? It could just be worn out! When you buy your bra, buy one that fits on the very last row of hooks. That way when your bra starts to get a little loose-for-the-wear, you can extend its life and keep the support you need by simply starting to close it on the next row of hooks! Just keep moving inward on the hook rows until it’s finally time to retire the bra. Make sure you also give your bra a break between outings so it has the opportunity to spring back into shape.
  4. Your bra does not have a rubber lining.

    Yes, that rubber and/or silicone lining on strapless bras is necessary! It gives you the extra support you need to keep it from falling down, so make sure you always get one that has that rubber lining.
  5. You’re wearing the wrong outfits.

    Ladies, we have to be realistic sometimes, and the reality is that if we wear an outfit that’s tight above our chest and loose everywhere else, it’s not giving us the additional support we need. When you want to go strapless and these other tips somehow still aren’t working, consider going a little tighter to have your outfit give your bra support of its own.

So there we go! If we follow these tips, our strapless bras will actually stay up, and we can wear whatever we want for the rest of the summer. Do you have tips of your own to share? Do you love strapless bras, or are you not a fan of them? How do you stay supported in strapless outfits? Watch the video from Glamrs.com to learn more, and tell us your own tips!