13 People Share the Strangest Things They’ve Witnessed Their Neighbors Doing

Bunny Paffenroth via Flickr

You know the saying that you can’t choose your family? We would extend that to say that you can’t choose your neighbors. Sometimes neighbors can be wonderful people who become really good friends. Other times, they do things that make us raise our eyebrows wondering what they are thinking.

One Reddit user asked, “Those who have weird neighbors, what does your neighbor do that is weird or creepy?” There are quite a few weird answers, and we’ve rounded up the best.

  1. This Is Why There Are Warnings Not to Eat Paint

    FuckFaceCuntTwat wrote:

    My neighbors kid stands on our shared fence and chews it.

  2. Airbnb

    Added by chief_memeologist:

    My neighbors have a tent in their backyard. the tent is listed on air bnb

  3. A Daily Ritual

    Written by EugeneStargazer:

    So he has a truck and a car, both kind of old and beat up. Every day he switches their parking places, and everyday he leaves the car running, opens the hood and just stares at the engine for about an hour. He’ll step back for a smoke break, eyes still hard on the running engine from afar. Sometimes he’ll sit in the driver’s seat and listen to the one tape he has left apparently, and it’s Sheryl Crow. Every. Single. Day.

  4. Multiple Neighbor Problems

    Shared by LeafBlitz:

    My next door neighbors keep using our stuff. They’ve been caught with their hose attached to our water, taking our outdoor chairs etc. They also have no problem honking their car horn repeatedly at any time of day or night when someone isn’t getting out of the house fast enough.

  5. An Odd Car Collection

    Another Reddit user wrote:

    Oh I just remembered, I also have a neighbor that collects PT Cruisers. He’s got at least 6 of them and washes them all the time. Seems like a weird car to collect. They aren’t vintage or anything.

  6. Cat Food

    Written by slickpapillon:

    Across the street neighbor feeds the stray cats outside. After he empties the food on their plate, he runs his fingers inside of the can and licks the remaining cat food off his fingers.

  7. A New Fence

    NationalSchalor wrote:

    We built a fence on our property line (a few feet into ours actually) and the night it was finished I hear banging outside. I go to the sunroom we have downstairs and see a headlamp moving back and forth quickly. I go outside and see my neighbor throwing lead pipes into our fence screaming, “Can you see me now” and kept repeating that over and over again. Soon after he spots me and runs back inside.

  8. A Weird Use for Scissors

    Two unusual examples from lementarywatson:

    Not my neighbor but a friends.Lady use to put her car in neutral and push it down the drive way because she said it “saved her $$ on gas” Same lady would also get on her hands and knees and trim her yard with scissors after the lawn care company was done.

  9. We’d Close the Curtains

    Shared by AnthonyP1997:

    Ive caught my neighbor probably like 5-6 times just staring at me through the window with complete focus.

  10. This Sounds Scary

    Written by gothiclg:

    I dont live next to these neighbors anymore but my next door neighbors had a habit of threatening each other with guns whenever they argued. It wasnt uncommon for their kids to come to our house for safety and to borrow a phone. One or the other was regularly arrested because of this. It was very very rare that a month passed and this didnt happen at least once. It was weird to say the least.

  11. Too Many Wind Chimes

    Shared by Back2Bach:

    They have 7 sets of wind chimes – all tuned in different keys – making sleep difficult on windy nights.

  12. Rabbit Poo

    rhgarton wrote:

    My old neighbour used to collect rabbit poo from her garden and put it on another’s neighbours back door step (she frequently went out without shoes on because it led to the garden) thing is she pretended to be super nice to the other neighbour, didn’t seem deranged in any way and was in her mid -late twenties.I saw this all happen from my garden and then another time she had her young daughter with her and she cackled about how she was going to kill the rabbit one day… In front of her kid. It was weird.

  13. What Are You Looking At?

    Added by ItsScotty224:

    I had a neighbor that would stand in his bushes and stare at me playing when I was 14… I tried to ask him what he’s doing and he said landscaping and ran away. The same neighbor would stare at our chickens across the fence for hours.

Scroll down to read 13 odd things people have seen their neighbors do. Chances are probably slim that you have ever seen your neighbors do these odd things, but perhaps your neighbors have done something equally strange.