The Amazing Reason Why This Storage Container Has a Door

Last weekend, I spent a solid two days going from open house to open house, helping my dear aunt pick out a home. You see, she’s currently scoping out the market for a new place to live, because now that her youngest is off to college, she is on a no-holds-barred mission to downsize.

And though we searched and searched, touring an almost 20 HOUSES, she never ended up making an offer. Her reason: She didn’t like the outside of any of the homes, a sentiment that struck me as a bit antiquated in these changing times.

I tell you this story because we at TipHero have been noticing a new trend as of late when it comes to the exterior of homes. With the tiny house craze in full swing, it seems that some buyers have switched their focus altogether. It has become less about curb appeal and more about what’s on the inside.

You can attribute this shift to many reasons; perhaps perspective home buyers are still reeling from the recession, or maybe tastes are simply changing, but we think it’s because Millennials are starting to become hip to the fact that families don’t need that much to build a happy home!

Case in point: This drop-dead gorgeous tiny home that is ensconced in a red shipping container, of all things!

Now, we know what you may be thinking—we had a lot of questions, too. How many square feet is it? Is it even insulated? Is it dirty? Does it smell?!

 It wasn’t until we got a peek inside that we realized that this out-of-the-box dwelling was one of the most imaginative we’ve ever seen!

This furnished abode boasts a full-sized kitchen (and, yes, we mean truly full-sized— stove, oven, fridge, the whole shebang!), a bedroom with a king-sized bed, and even a large bathroom which includes a stackable washer and dryer combo. I mean, c’mon, most one bedroom apartments don’t even come with all of these amenities!

Whoever outfitted this particular unit is most definitely a skilled interior designer. We just love the brilliant accents like the shabby-chic reclaimed wood walls and the funky throw rugs.

Believe it or not, you can actually purchase this particular home right now, and for a fairly affordable cost. The company who made this unit, TinyTex, has listed the storage container on eBay, and though potential buyers are in the middle of a bidding war, you can always swoop in and buy it right away for $50,000. Not a bad deal at all if you already have a piece of land!

 To get a full tour of this impressive tiny home for yourself, be sure to check out LittleThings’ article here. Bet you’ll never look at a shipping container the same way ever again!

What do you think of this unexpected tiny home? Would you consider downsizing into a place like this? Have you ever built one of these yourself? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!