Stolen Teddy Bear With Woman’s Late Mother’s Voice Recording Returned After Ryan Reynolds Offers Ransom

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We all have certain items that we cherish because they are sentimental. Many it’s a photo that reminds us of a happy time. Many it’s a gift that was given to us by someone we love. Whatever the reason, these sentimental items have much more value than their face value. We might even call them priceless.

Vancouver, Canada resident Mara Soriano lost her mom to cancer, but before her mom passed away, she gave her daughter a Build a Bear teddy bear that includes a special voice recording. Soriano’s mother recorded a special message telling her daughter that she loves her. As you can probably imagine, what might be an ordinary teddy bear to one person is an extremely sentimental and priceless teddy bear to Soriano.

Soriano and her boyfriend were moving into a new apartment when the backpack containing her teddy bear was stolen. She was holding the bag along with some other items when she found out that a friend had been hit by a van while he was riding his bike. The friend had been on his way over to help Soriano move.

Soriano went to help her friend who ended up being okay. She dropped everything she was carrying, including the backpack, and when she came back, the bag was gone. It had been stollen.

In an effort to try to get her teddy bear back, Soriano turned to social media. She posted a plea explaining why the bear is so sentimental and that she doesn’t care about anything else in the backpack as much as this bear.


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When Ryan Reynolds, who is from Vancouver, heard about the missing teddy bear, he decided to help. He offered a $5000 reward to anyone who returns the missing bear “zero questions asked.”


Just three days later, Reynolds was happy to announce to the Twitterverse that Soriano had been reunited with her teddy bear. Soriano is definitely happy to have her bear back.

Hear the teddy bear’s special message for yourself in the video below.

Have you ever lost a sentimental item?