Steve Kornacki Projects Thanksgiving Dessert Trends Across the Country

The Kelly Clarkson Show

Steve Kornacki pulled overnighters for MSNBC during the Presidential election. He said that at one time he went 50 hours without sleeping.

All of that hard work paid off in a way he wasn’t expecting. He became known on social media as the “chart throb.” As a special guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show, he told Clarkson that he had to have his family members explain some of the tweets to him. One of his favorites was “Kornacki has big ‘substitute teacher I had a crush on’ energy.” Kornacki said that one is dear to him because he actually was a substitute teacher once.

Now that the big election is over, Clarkson wondered what he has going on next. While there are other elections on the horizon, Kornacki has turned his efforts to something more light-hearted.

Kornacki revealed a map of the United States that showed election results for favorite Thanksgiving desserts. We have already seen results of favorite Thanksgiving side dishes, but desserts, those call out to our sweet tooth, and we definitely have our favorites.

Kornacki humorously explained the election results to Clarkson including what percentage of the state voted for a specific pie. For example, pumpkin pie was a landslide in Pennsylvania at 99%. Some states didn’t even vote for pie. Brownies are the most popular Thanksgiving dessert in Hawaii. 

While the election results about desserts are certainly fun and timely, Kornacki’s straight-faced delivery pretending this is actually as serious as a Presidential election is what makes this segment of Clarkson’s show so much fun to watch. See for yourself in the video below.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dessert? Do you agree with the most popular dessert in your state?