Woman Wants to Know If She’s the Jerk for ‘Stealing’ Sister’s Baby Name for Her Cat

When a woman finds out she’s pregnant, one of the most important decisions she has to make is what to name the baby. She and the baby daddy usually have about 9 months to figure this out (depending on how far into the pregnancy it is when the mom finds out she’s pregnant and depending on how long the pregnancy lasts), but it’s still something parents-to-be consider an important decision.

Sometimes the decision is easy. Sometimes parents are in the hospital holding their newborn and still have yet to decide on a name.

One woman shared on Reddit that her sister, who also happens to be her fraternal twin, is pregnant with her third child and first daughter. Although not her real name, she referred to her sister as Mindy in her explanation and wrote that Mindy wasn’t going to announce the baby’s name until she was born.

Meanwhile, the woman and her fiancee, Amy (again, not her real name), adopt a cat from an animal shelter. The cat came with the name Ellie. That’s the same name as the woman’s nan. She wrote, “She died two years ago and my life still feels empty without her. Ellie’s sweet demeanor and loving spirit made me feel as if she were a gift sent by Nan herself. We decided to keep the name as it was as a tribute to her, which Amy thought was sweet and that Ellie was perfect.”

They posted a picture of Ellie on social media announcing her addition to their family. The next day, she got a call from Mindy. She wrote, “Mindy called me yesterday and started screaming at me for being a coward and ignoring her. Turns out she planned on naming her daughter Eileen after our nan and having everyone call her Ellie. Apparently she unleashed her fury on my private post and berated me for not responding later in the night.”

Mindy wanted her to change the cat’s name to something else, but she didn’t feel like she should have to change the name. She called her mom, who took Mindy’s side. Then she turned to Reddit to ask what to do.

Most people on Reddit feel that there is no reason to change the cat’s name. As one person explained, “1) You can’t steal something you didn’t know about. 2) The cat already had the name. 3) Your sister should’ve asked you nicely, in private. If your sister already had announced the name and you decided to name the cat the same name, then yeah, I’d say that was a jerk move…but that was obviously not the case here.”

Other Reddit users point out that it doesn’t have to be a problem for the cat and the niece to have the same name. One comment reads, “When I was in my mid-twenties I got a pet fish and named him Max. A few years later I had a son and named him … Max. There has never been any confusion between the two. Fish Max is no longer with us but it’s a small family joke that I named my son after a fish.”

Another Reddit user wrote, “I grew up with a cat with a very similar name to me, the cat came first. Didn’t stop my parents and has never been an issue for me!”

Do you think she should change the cat’s name? Would it bother you if you were having a baby and your sibling had a pet with the same name you were going to give to your baby?