Steakhouse Chain Gets Roasted Online After Putting Up A Sign Asking Customers To Spend $100 Per Person Minimum

@OfficialTrpe via Twitter

When you go to a steakhouse, you’re probably aware that your credit card may take a beating. Steak is known for being one of the pricier types of meat, especially when you get it at a restaurant.

However, most restaurants won’t actually tell you how much you have to spend—sunless you’re Steak 48, which has locations in Houston, Charlotte, Chicago and Philadelphia. The latter two have recently placed a minimum per person order of $100 for food and beverage.

On their website, the policy states:

“There is a $100 per person food & beverage minimum for each person at your table in order to ensure that each guest enjoys the total experience of food, service, and atmosphere. This does not include tax or tip. We look forward to welcoming you.”

If you do plan to eat at Steak 48, also know that they’re just as strict about their dress code as they are about a budget for dinner. In fact, the restaurant has an entire page on their website dedicated to what’s allowed (and not allowed) at their facility.

People are not too thrilled about the minimum. In fact, one person tweeted about it with a photo of its policy, and it blew up, with people roasting the chain to their core.—everything from the pretentious price requirement to the dress code to the fact that it’s not even a grade above TGIFridays.

“$100 at Costco, I can buy 4 ribeyes, 4 lobster tails (or bag of shrimp) + 2lbs of spinach (or asparagus) + a bag of potatoes – surf n turf & all the sides for 4 people, done! Btwn my candles & jazzy supper club playlists, it’s all chill vibes, AND you wear whatever tf you like,” someone wrote on Twitter.

“I’ve never heard of Steak 48 until today. And even though I could afford it, you will never see me at Steak 48 or ANY restaurant that requires I spend at least $100 on my meal BEFORE tax & tip is figured in. The pretentiousness is rather disgusting,” another commented.

“Your reminder to eat local. Support local. In my experience, most local restaurants have way better food than corporate chains. For you all it’s all about “the image” though,” another stated.

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Would you ever eat at a restaurant that gave you price minimum to spend for your meal? Have you heard of Steak 48 before or have eaten there in the past? What do you think of their polices?