This Puzzle Has Us Searching for 5 Stars Hidden Among the Flowers

It’s time for a brain break! A new puzzle from Gergely Dudás, also known as the Dudolf, is out, and it’s sure to help you take a breather from whatever it is you need a pause from.

In case you don’t know, Dudlof is known for creating brain-teasing puzzles where he hides different objects. Whether it’s a hidden doe among stags, a snake among turtles, or a butterfly among sunflowers, Gergely is always asking us to find something among his pretty pictures. He enjoys stumping us and stumping us good.

Dudlof also likes to play up the seasons. When fall rolled around, his creation was full of autumn harvest fun: a photo of tons of adorable squirrels in which just one measly mouse is hidden. And during wintertime, he was it again: He asked us to find Santa’s hat among all the snowmen in this picture.

In honor of spring coming up, Dudlof’s latest puzzle takes place in a meadow of fresh pink and white flowers. The flowers are all different shades of dark pinks, light pinks, and whites, and all overlap each other, looking very similar. When you look closely enough at it, you may even see a few birds perched among some of the flowers. But no, we know what you’re thinking: that’s not the thing that Dudlof wants us to find. Too easy!

In fact, it’s almost hard to believe Dudlof has hidden something else in there for us to find. But alas, it wouldn’t be a Dudlof puzzle if it wasn’t a bit tricky.

In this puzzle, Dudlof is asking us to find five stars hidden among the flowers. There are hundreds of flowers in this little square—and honestly, the longer you stare at them, the more they begin to look like stars themselves!

Ready to begin? Take a look at the puzzle below and try and find the five stars among the flowers!

Well—did you find any? We only found one before we had to give up. Thankfully, Dudlof always provides a “solutions” page, where he shows you the answer once you’ve decided to give up. If you’re ready to surrender, take a look at the solution here!

Do you enjoy puzzles like this? How long did it take you to find the stars, if you found them? Did you have to check the solutions page? What’s your favorite Dudlof puzzle to date?