How This Woman Adjusted to Living in This Spruced Up Camper

With home ownership becoming quite the tough feat to pull off for many young Millennials, it’s no wonder that the tiny house trend keeps growing and growing! Today we’re going to meet a happy couple that makes the most out of living in their small camper. Believe or not, these two have exactly what they need!

Colorado pair Kathleen and Greg love living the simple life—making music, growing veggies, and sitting out by the fire on a nice evening. That’s why both made the decision to move into a 1969 camper trailer and commit to the easy-going lifestyle that the two so badly wanted to follow.

Before giving us a tour of their funky home, Kathleen explains just why she embraces living in the camper. “I think our lives will forever be changed by this experience. I don’t think we’ll ever be comfortable in a big house,” she says. “We’re just more comfortable in a small space surrounded by nature; that’s where we feel at home.”

At first, Greg was more gung-ho on living according to the van lifestyle, but Kathleen was a bit dubious, so the two “met in the middle” and decided on the $1,800 camper. Good for these guys! It’s so inspiring to see a young couple figure out what means most to them, and follow it!

Kathleen kicks off her tiny home tour by showing us their surprisingly spacious (and separate!) closets, as well as their bathroom. Now, this one may be a bit of a deal-breaker for some of you…

First of all, as you might have expected, the camper does not come equipped with a traditional toilet. The composting unit doesn’t use any water, so “#1 and #2,” as our polite hostess calls them, need to be dumped. But, fascinatingly enough, both can be used to fertilize a garden. Gross, but cool!

Their shower looks relatively normal, but since the two aren’t hooked up to a water source, they must bathe at the gym. Not a terrible option!

Next, the cute duo shows off their kitchen space, which is quite big! Kathleen mentions that this particular camper has plentiful storage, and she’s right! Also, the kitchen countertop is large enough to be used in making a gourmet meal.

Kathleen and Greg’s “bedroom” is just as comfy and cozy as the rest of their home. The full-sized bed is placed at the end of the camper and nestled up to three walls of windows which give the area a nice amount of light. The two even have something of a guest room which folds out over their mattress where their visitors can comfortably stay.

To see even more features of Greg and Kathleen’s souped-up camper, including how they insulate it during the cold season, be sure to click on Exploring Alternatives’ video below!

What do you think of Kathleen and Greg’s camper lifestyle? Do you think that they have made good use of their space? Have you ever tricked-out a camper or van before? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!