Here’s the Game-Changing Sports Bra That Was Designed With Nursing Moms in Mind

Many women struggle with finding the right bra but it morphs into a different type of struggle when trying to choose a good nursing bra. Breastfeeding moms have needs when it comes to comfort, lifestyle, and leak prevention, so settling for something flimsy shouldn’t be an option.

If you are a nursing mama who loves to work out, then you probably find a way to rock a regular sports bra. But they’re tight, compressing, and can be cumbersome to manage when you’re trying to feed a hungry baby. That won’t do and your maternity wardrobe deserves better.

What will do is this Fit Mama Nursing Sports Bra by Love & Fit! You can jog, do jumping jacks, power walk, and nurse without having to sacrifice support or comfort. Designed by a breastfeeding mom, the bra features moisture wicking fabric that fights leaks and sweat. It’s soft, flexible, and comfortable.

When unclasped for a feeding, each bra panel folds all the way down to the ribs, and you don’t have to worry about undoing both sides at a time. And did we mention that they’re cute?

One of Love & Fit’s signature activewear products for moms, this sports bra is available in most sizes, including A through DDD. To learn more about the bra’s design and to see it in action, click on this video!


What do you think of this bra? What has your nursing bra experience been like? Have you had challenges with finding a good sports bra for breastfeeding?

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