If Edgar Allen Poe Were a Sports Fan, He Probably Would Have Lived In This House


It has to be a hard job to be a real estate agent. Many agents have shared pictures of unique things they have discovered inside homes. Trying to figure out how to sell a home that has some rather unappealing features has to be a challenge.

Sometimes a home’s unique features are structural, like a bathroom without walls. Other times, the features could be easy to fix if the seller were willing. Sometimes sellers are attached to their unique decor choices, and a good real estate agent has to spin the unique features in an appealing way.

We have seen many unique homes, but this is the first time we have seen one that is decorated like a haunted house for Halloween. It is not Halloween, and as far as we know, the seller is not a vampire. We can’t be quite sure.

The listing agent chose a very neutral picture of the home to give prospective buyers an appealing picture of the home, but that’s where the normal photos end.

The seller seems to be a big sports fan and really into black and white decor. We could deal with that.

But notice the coffin in the corner and the spooky pictures on the walls.

The spiderweb on the staircase makes this decor a little over the top, but it certainly fits the specific theme of this home. We’re assuming the new owner would change that out pretty quickly.

The home’s exterior makes it clear that this is not your ordinary home. The cemetery and graveyard theme continues into the backyard. We don’t think our kids would want to take a tour of this house.

The listing agent must have known the home’s unusual decor would be a turn off to a lot of prospective buyers. The unique theme isn’t even mentioned in the description which starts out by explaining, “Come inspect this one of a kind rare home. Seller has made many improvements.” The description goes on to mention the home’s positive features like a double wide driveway, a firepit, huge recreation room, and a huge loft-style bedroom.

There is one comment towards the end makes us wonder. It reads, “Consult your carpenter.” Buyers are urged to “Make this dream your home!”

If you were looking for a home, would this home’s decor scare you away? How would you decorate this home?